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1. “DO NSA’S BULK SURVEILLANCE PROGRAMS STOP TERRORISTS?,Bailey Cahall, et al., 13 January 2014. 4 December 2015

Background: This article discusses the amount of data the NSA collects and how much of that data has gone to use in investigations to stop terrorists. It finds that much of it is useless.

How I used it: In the article, the have numbers and percentages that help soldify my argument. It is tangible evidence that the NSA is wasting time and manpower.

2. The Top 5 Claims That Defenders of the NSA Have to Stop Making to Remain Credible Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cindy Cohn and Nadia Kayyali, 2 June 2014. 4 December 2015.

Background: Give the five biggest claims people use to defend that NSA and discredits why each is a load of balogna.

How I used it: Gives good topics to use for rebuttal with much room for adding my own input.

3. “Why NSA IT Guy Edward Snowden Leaked Top Secret DocumentsForbes, Kashmir Hill, 10 June 2013. 4 December 2015.

Background: The background story for Edward Snowden as well as a compilation of things Snowden himself said to other papers about why he released the information in the first place.

How I used it: Direct quotes from Snowden about his motives that can be used to understand the actions of the NSA as well a point of view from someone on the inside offers information

4. “ 4 December 2015.

Background: A list of all the released information about the NSA from the whistleblower himself.

How I used it: Direct information about all of the revelations without any discrepencies because it is from the man who released the files. Helps to summarize all of what the NSA is doing.

5. “William BinneyPBS. 4 December 2015.

Background: An interview with William Binney, a former employee of the NSA and everything he was willing to share about topics such as Edward Snowden and 9/11.

How I used it: Gives another point of view from someone who participated in a different part of the NSA .

6. “Are They Allowed to Do That? A Breakdown of Selected Government Surveillance Programs” Brennan Center For Justice. 3 December 2015

Background: Answers to some widely-asked questions about the FBI’s and National Security Agency’s surveillance programs from the Brennan Center For Justice at New York University School of Law

How I used it: Summarized the legal right the NSA had to aquire information and the process through which they have to go through to apply for acquisition of such information.

7. “5 Things To Know About The NSA’s Surveillance Krishnadev Calamur, 23 October 2013. 3 December 2015

Background: Summary of the NSA’s capabilities and how some may be reacting to what the NSA is doing.

How I used it: Further explaination of how the NSA operates and a different point of view of the NSA.

8. “NSA surveillance bill passes after weeks-long showdown” CNN, Jeremy Diamond, 7 September 2015. 4 December 2015

Background: Summarizes the steps and function of a new bill that was passed that limits the power of the NSA.

How I used it: One of the first actions done towards reforming the NSA.

9. “Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust — time to actTED, Mikko Hypponen, 7 November 2013. 4 December 2015

Background: Mikko Hypponen is a security expert from Finland giving his TED talk in Brussels about the information leaks from Edward Snowden about the NSA and giving his views as a foreigner of the US on our surveillance. He brings many things the NSA or defenders of the NSA may say as points of their arguments and gives reason why those arguments are weak or even wrong.

How I used it: This source gives insight from a point of view outside the US which can be valuable to the paper as it gives reasons why the NSA’s actions are wrong from a different yet still very valid angle. He brings up many points which can all be elaborated on.

10. “5 Reasons Why The NSA’s Massive Surveillance Program Is No Big Deal (And 2 Reasons It Is)” Business Insider, David Francis 11, Jun 2013. 4 December 2015.

Background: This article gives reasons why we should not be as worked up about the NSA’s surveillance as we are.

How I used it: This article gives reasons from the other side of the argument and can be used to enhance my argument by arguing against these reasons.

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