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Working Hypothesis

In the media, whether it be music, movies, or television, women are not portrayed fairly. They are portrayed very one-sided and from the “man’s” perspective. Women in the media must always slim and slender bodies with enhanced assets but in reality, not every woman looks like that. Women are being projected as what people feel like the “average” woman should look like. But what is true, is that no woman has to look like anything. If a woman happens to be overweight than that should be fine. That woman should not have to have a problem with getting far in her career.

Working Hypothesis 2

Every source of media is certainly not objected to the idea of women having different body types. There are several campaigns that have been launched within the last year or two that have promoted various body types to be accepted by the average person in the form of commercials and/or clothing. Those campaigns include Dove, Lane Bryant, and brands like Target who appreciate plus sizes.



Topic For Smaller Papers

What can commonly be confused in my argument is the definition of a woman that is portrayed as “skinny” versus a woman that is portrayed as “overweight”. The way the media shows a woman is smaller than average. Research shows that today, the average woman wears a dress size of about 12-14. If you went to watch a clothing commercial for most stores that piece of information would seem false. Why would it seem false? Because women are not portrayed as how they should be in the media. When a designer makes sample pieces they are typically made in sizes 0-2. I feel as though that is the first problem with why women are wrongly portrayed. Anything over a size 2 is considered “overweight” when it comes to the entertainment business.


The most casual relationship essential to my research would be the relationship between women and playboy or other men’s magazines. There is hardly ever a woman that is more proportioned in these magazines, while they are more proportioned than the “average” female you still don’t see a variety of body types. There hasn’t been any evidence to prove that men believe there is only one body type described as pleasurable, however, I feel that if I were to survey men on this topic I would receive that answer.

It certainly is not everyday that a woman is portrayed that way. And also, there are some women in the industry that have gotten far in their careers without looking like the average woman”. As a female who is not built how most men want a woman to be built, I am not against the idea that there are some people who don’t believe that women need to look a certain way in order to be successful. There had to be people on Jennifer Hudson’s success team when she first came into the industry, as well as Megan Trainor, Adelle, Jasmine Sullivan, Melissa McCarthy, and many others. The people on their success team recognized them for their talents not their looks.

Current State of the Research Paper

So far, I feel as though I’ve done a lot of research and thinking about my topic and I am proud of my progress. My opinions haven’t changed, however, I did find an argument that went against my topic but I’ve included that. I anticipate my final outcome to have multiple views on my topic that supports my argument and will hopefully allow my readers to understand that what is portrayed is not correct or fair.

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