14 THU MAR 02

Class 14 THU MAR 02

Wake Up

Visual Rhetoric Unit

Visual Analysis of One Second of Video

Visual Analysis of a Complete Argument

  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?

Advanced Advice for your Visual Rhetoric Rewrite

  • You won’t need this yet, but when you’re ready to revise your Visual Rhetoric argument, you may benefit from reviewing feedback I have offered to students in earlier semesters.
  • Link to Revision Advice for Visual Rhetoric


  • Starfish Reporting System
    • Early Alerts from Professors to students struggling with attendance or assignments
    • Deadline FRI OCT 21
    • Notes on Daily Agendas
  • Meeting Deadlines


27 Responses to 14 THU MAR 02

  1. cfalover says:

    – we started class by watching a video on a couple different allusions and how our brain perceives them
    – definition argument needs a title beneath the slug
    – go over in-text citations to be sure you are using them correctly within the essay
    – we will need references at the bottom of the essay
    – the definition rewrite will be due right away as well
    – put your first draft into the category “definition essay FA21”
    – put the rewrite into the new category called “definition rewrite”
    – never change the original
    – produce changes into the rewrite
    – stay on track during essay; keep a consistent point of view for your readers
    – define terms or concepts thoroughly in 1000 words


  2. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we discussed a counter-intuitive concept of optical illusion. We talked about engineering a bike to turn left when you turn the handlebars right and vice versa. We then watched a video regarding the Ames illusions made up of trapezoidal shapes. Next, we reviewed the Definition Categorical Argument essay. We discussed how to title, add informal in-text citations, references, and how to post the Definition Rewrite. We will edit and rewrite our Definition essay in a separate post and not on the original. We then discussed how a ransom note is similar to a good argument. They both should have a bold clear premise (Thesis, Hypothesis), a step-by-step logical “proof” and specific details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning. We also looked over another model definition argument regarding sharing an internet connection and defining ownership.


  3. zipemup1 says:

    We started class today by seeing a video of an optical illusion. The illusion occurs as a result of the viewer’s point of view. This is comparable to a defining argument in that you want the reader to have a specific point of view that you must control.


  4. Lunaduna says:

    Notes 10/19/2021

    – force the audience to view your perspective (To believe in your argument)
    – Needs a title (Title your argument)
    – informal in-text citations
    – references list
    – rewrite happens right away (Post the definition argument. Then copy the text and post it to the definition rewrite.)
    – you must show an improvement from your first draft to your “last draft.”
    – It does not need to sound like an argument
    – It could be a narrative (Not completely)

    Ransom Note
    – prove that I have what you need (Make it persuasive)
    – the argument would fail if they do not believe that you have what they want (Or your precious item)

    Visual Rhetoric
    – Must describe the visuals to the audience as if they are not seeing the video
    – “You are describing the images to the readers who are not seeing the visuals”
    – You need to explain whether the rhetorical part of the visual argument was effective
    – (Share a critique)


  5. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    -Definition Categorical Argument-username
    -Informal in text citations
    -Definition rewrite
    A good argument:
    -Bold clear premise
    -Thesis, hypothesis
    -Step by step logical “proof”
    -Specific details to emphasize and illustrate reasoning
    -Anything can be an argument including a ransom note


  6. lokiofasgard24 says:

    House Keeping
    -create an initial draft for definition argument and put it in the “definition argument” cat.
    -the required rewrite will go in “definition argument” cat.
    -include informal in-text citations
    Ransome Note:
    -provide proof of leverage
    -explain your wants and their needs
    -express persuasion and possible “threat”


  7. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (10.19.21)
    • Optical illusion video
    • Definition Categorical Argument
    o Needs Creative Title
    o Informal In-Text Citations
    o References
    o Definition Rewrite
     happens right away (after feedback- continually changing)
     copy all of material
     post it again in a new category
    • Definition Rewrite FA21
    • Tasks
    • Username
    Writing Tip- How to Write a Good Ransom Note
    • Good Argument
    o Bold, clear hypothesis
    o step-by-step logical proof
    o specific details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning
     be persuasive
    Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?- Definition Argument
    • Read essay
    • Reply task
    Task: Definition Essay #1 (Portfolio Task)
    • Due 10.20.21 (11:59pm)
    • Shorter Argument paper
    • Will be “rough”
    o perfectly acceptable
    Visual Rhetoric
    • You have to tell people what they are looking at (do not let them infer)
    • It is our job to do so


  8. minutemen14 says:

    Just as optical illusions exploit the viewers vantage point, you need to exploit your reader to support your claim from the lens they view it through.

    Definition Rewrite
    -submit under correct categories
    -Show improvement between first and final draft (no such thing as final, but last)
    -Original will never be touched again.

    Ransom Note
    -argument of having something someone wants in exchange for value
    -Prove that you have it, establish what they want in return
    -Note wasn’t specific enough, too wordy

    Portrayal. to Reader
    -remember your helping them visualize
    -you’re information is limited to what you show them
    -guide them down the right path that helps your claims
    -lack of visuals in writing means that you need to deeply explain a situation
    -it’s our job to tell them
    -be specific and overly detail a claim


  9. levixvice says:

    Experimented with optic illusions based on osculation, warped angles, and shapes to create incredible works of art that awe an audience. Similarly to definition/categorical arguments, informal in-text citations are required, as are strong terms that must be defined, and a conclusion that satisfies the reader. A good ransom note formula should include an illustrated reason with proof, thesis, and hypothesis details. The definition argument must be invested in the terms to be defined as evidence for the thesis which will need to be refined. The visual rhetoric must convey details.


  10. friendoftacos says:

    Definition argument chose the perspective to tell the reader the argument. The definition categorical argument needs a title and informal in-text citations. Definition rewrite happens at the same time of the definition argument. To show improvement of the definition argument is the purpose of the rewrite. Writing is a social process that continues to go through changes. A ransom note is an argument. If the ransom note does not get what you want, then the argument fails. When a ransom is not too vague it does not get it’s point across. Definition arguments do not need to look like arguments, they can be narrative too. In writing, you must tell your reader what you are looking at. You don’t have to love the thing you’re looking at; you just must describe the visual aspects and whether the technique is effective or not. To share a critique of whether the argument works or not should be part of your visual rhetoric.


  11. gingerbreadman27 says:

    To start class off we took a look at different allusions and how important it is to get the view in the right perspective. Next, we discussed making claims and using the right language by looking at two ransom notes. Then we continued our discussion on claims when we took a look at stealing internet access from your neighbors.


  12. littlecow24 says:

    -Illusions are made to confuse your brain, and they are different for every person. Choose the perspective you want your readers to see
    -Your definition argument is an essay too, it should have a title
    -You will have your original definition argument, and then a definition rewrite which will be continuously updated throughout the semester
    -Using specific claims and illustrative language when writing your argument are very important, and a way to make sure that the reader stays engaged and knows exactly what you want to portray
    -Visual rhetoric: describing the images you are seeing to someone who can’t see what you are describing


  13. toastedflatbread22 says:

    Warm Up
    -The optical illusion video proves that using definition arguments can make your audience think a certain way
    -Even ideas that seem counterintuitive can be explained through well-written arguments
    -Post the definition argument, copy the material, and post it again in a “definition rewrite” post
    -The original definition argument post will not be changed, however the rewrite post will be continuously re-written throughout the semester-this will show our growth
    How to Write a Good Ransom Note
    -A good ransom note has to prove that one person has something another person wants, they propose that the two exchange it, then convince the other person to make the exchange
    -A bad, wordy, poetic ransom note is just like a bad introduction paragraph-it drags out the process
    Wireless Internet
    -The article read today functions as a definition argument about ownership over wireless property and it grapples with why we should share internet
    -The reader can argue about whether the writer is stealing-and that is the point-at what point is the internet a personal belonging?
    Definition Argument
    -Be mindful of terms that the readers may not understand-you know more on the topic than they do and you may need to be clear about what you are trying to say
    -This is just an early draft so it will probably be rough


  14. imaspookyghost says:

    illusions video
    definition categorical argument
    requires a title, informal in text citations, and references.
    make two, one under definitions categorial and one for definition rewrite. only change the rewrite.
    all revisions go into the rewrite. copy paste everything then change.
    How to write a good ransom note –
    a bold clear premise, step by step logical proof, specific details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning.
    compared the two ransom note examples.
    wrote about wireless neighbor arguement definitions.
    going over thai life insurance visual analysis


  15. frogs02 says:

    Notes 10/19
    Today we talked about what should be in definition categorical argument. There should be a title, informal in-text citation, references. Visual rhetoric: is trying to describe the images you are seeing to someone who can’t see what you are describing. You should submit your work in two places: Definition Categorical Argument and Definition Rewrite. It should be 1000 words. Your revisions have to go in the definition rewrite and the definition rewrite only. Things that go into a good argument are bold Clear Premise (Thesis, Hypothesis), Step-by-Step Logical “Proof,” and specific Details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning. We talked about ransom notes and how specific information is needed to make an argument and to make an author/victim feel convinced that one answer is the only answer. The Definition/Categorical Argument is one of THREE Short Arguments (1000 words each) whose contents you will combine at the end of the semester to produce your Research Position Paper (3000 words). It is your responsibility to indicate whether the technique is effective or not.


  16. ziggy026 says:

    Carpentered Environment – could be the title of a 1000 word definition argument
    Definition categorical argument
    First of 3 short arguments that make up longer paper
    Make sure it contributes to hypothesis to argument, it is not a separate assignment
    Central relevance to research project
    Needs a title, intriguing and unexpected
    Informal in text citations (link to examples)
    In text citations
    Definition rewrite
    Make all changes on rewrite
    Step by step logical proof and specific details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning
    Evaluate the rhetoric
    Readers need to understand storyline without the background knowledge
    Describe the visuals well enough so the reader can see them
    Come to conclusion first and wait for confirmation or refutation


  17. sunshinegirl457 says:

    In class we watch an illusion by Ames and learned about the Carpentered Environment. “The Ambassadors” is a painting that uses perspective to its advantage and tricks the mind.
    Definition categorical argument is a 1000 word piece of writing that makes up one part of the tree papers due for the first draft. Needs a title, citations, and references. It does not have to be perfect because it leaves room for improvement based on feedback.
    In order to write a good ransom note, it’s important to include the main details like who have have and what you want. Being specific and making claims is necessary for all writing.
    “Will You Be My Wireless Neighbor?” is a definition article that made me think differently about wifi networks. Maybe there should be free internet and no passwords for everybody, but it’s something I’ve never considered because I’m so used to asking for the password when I go to a friend’s house.
    In the video with the Thai man, it was shown that as an audience we always “judge” first and create our own hypotheses, then wait to be proven right or wrong. We do this from context clues, such as the man’s clothes, haircut, mannerisms, etc.


  18. Lily4Pres says:

    We kicked off class with an intro of some optical illusions. Our brains cannot correctly perceive what is going on as our experience tells us it isn’t true.
    Definition Categorical Argument:
    First of three arguments that will relate to the research project. Does require a title, as well as the use of informal in-text citations, and the references. Post in the rewrite section as well. When you create edits however, only edit the rewrite section post.
    We also went over a brief definition argument surrounding the conversation of free internet.
    Writing Tips:
    You have to establish credibility. In the example regarding a good ransom note, an argument needs detailed vocabulary alongside some conviction for the overall goal. State the hypothesis and give detailed steps one by one after that for the end goal.


  19. comatosefox says:

    We discussed the due dates and how to go about taking feedback for an unfinished piece. Even if you think its done, it probably isn’t and David will show you what needs work.
    We watched a few minutes of the wake up video, read the ransom notes and commented about why the second one was better and how they differed. Commented on if we agreed that the author of “Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?” was stealing from their clueless supplier.


  20. strawberryfields4 says:

    Definition/Categorical Argument
    -First of the three smaller arguments that will contribute to larger research paper
    -Post in definition rewrite category as well
    -Revise in the rewrite category ONLY to demonstrate the growth and development of your paper
    -Making changes in the rewrite post with show your respect for the feedback and revision process
    -Letting the two posts diverge will show the improvements made from your initial draft

    Writing A Good Ransom Note (First Paragraph)
    -Value of clear and specific details to build your credibility
    -Illustrate the reasoning through use of details
    -Use a step by step process
    -Make your intentions clear

    Visual Rhetoric
    -The reader does not get to watch the video!
    -It is your responsibility to explain what you see AND the conclusions that you make
    -Decide whether the techniques used are effective or not
    -Look for subtle clues that will help you make decisions immediately
    -Draw instantaneous conclusions
    -Nothing is accidental, everything is calculated


  21. tyblicky2001 says:

    Learned about the Carpentered Environment by watching a video of illusions only “some” people can see.
    Acknowledged the Definition Categorial Argument
    Find a good title
    Remember the sources and details don’t have to be perfect.
    Definition Rewrite
    How to write a good ransom note (or how to write a good first paragraph)
    Clear specific details
    Logical proof
    Read the “Won’t you be my Wireless Neighbor” definition argument
    Discussed the visual rhetorical argument
    Have to indicate whether the technique is effective or not
    Have to concentrate exclusively on the images


  22. calamariii says:

    It is very difficult for our brains to change how we inherently see something even if we know it’s wrong as seen often with optical illusions. Our definition arguments will probably not be strong as the first draft of our papers is meant to be improved and made more clear. Revisions for each of the papers will be in a different blog post titled the argument rewrite, which will be made at the same time as the first draft blog post, the rewrite will be edited later. A ransom note is a sort of proposal argument and is a way of looking at your argument to be sure it’s convincing the readers of your way. When writing the visual rhetoric, it’s important to remember that the reader cannot see the video you are analyzing. Our initial thoughts when we see something are ones we often hold, and we wait for what we see to prove us wrong.


  23. chickennugget444 says:

    in class today we started by looking at an illusion showing that it is extremely hard to talk yourself out of things you firmly believe because our experience tells us it must be true.
    Definition Categorical Argument
    – must have a title, informal in text citations, references. when making revisions, use a new page and save the old one to see changes/growth.
    What goes into a good ransom note?
    -must be specific, effective proposal


  24. kilotoon says:

    I came a few minutes late so I missed whatever we did in the beginning
    Go over and make sure my citations are being used in the correct way
    References are needed
    Definition rewrite
    Definition essay fa21
    – Tasks
    – Username
    Never change the original, that’s why we have a rewrite
    Define term/concept in 1000 words
    – Expected to be a rough draft


  25. nugget114 says:

    We started off class today by watching a video on optical illusions.
    Carpentered environment refers to environments consisting of built structures.
    It actually blew my mind because I can never understand exactly what I am looking at. The video kind of showed how your arguments can change the way people perceive things. It also shows that through well written arguments, even ideas that seem counterintuitive can be explained.

    Definition Categorical Argument is the first of the 3 short arguments that contribute to our final 3000 word paper
    It needs a title
    Informal in-text citations

    How to write a good ransom note
    Be very specific
    Give proof of life
    State the consequences of not following their request
    Ensure that you will give their loved one back as long as they make the payment

    A Good Argument
    Bold Clear Premise (thesis, hypothesis)
    Step-by-step Logical “Proof”
    Specific details to emphasize and illustrate the reasoning


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