Visual – Sunflower

0:01: The commercial opens up in a dark room with soft lighting. The camera is focused on and slowly moving towards a young African American man casually dressed in a flannel and white shirt. He is turning away from a bar with a drink in his hand. Behind him a bartender is blurred and there are multiple liquor bottles behind the bartender. In front of the African American man are two other blurred men having a conversation with each other, they each have a drink in their hand as well. I think this character and place were chosen to relate to what people tend to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Many people have the same experience as this man and spend time at a bar to have fun.

0:02-0:03: The African American man is smirking giving the impression that he is happy to be there and is having a good time. He then abruptly looks down at the drink in his hand.

0:04: The scene changes to a backyard where multiple people are gathered for a barbeque. The camera is focused on a young Caucasian man also dressed casually in a light-colored flannel, navy blue shirt and tan pants. He is holding a red solo cup as he speaks to a man who has his back to us as he barbecues. To the young man’s right three people talking and preparing an outdoor table to eat at. The table is a dark metal glass table with a red umbrella. On the table sits various red solo cups, bowls, and plates of food. It seems like a nice gathering of friends or family. The scene as well as the character are easy to relate to as almost everyone has probably been to a barbecue or picnic with family or friends before.

0:05-0:06: The young man smiles at the man who was barbecuing as they end their conversation. He goes to take another drink from his red solo cup before abruptly stopping halfway to his mouth. He looks down into the cup and seems to contemplate whether or not he should be drinking the rest of that drink. His change in mood stands out among the other people in the background who are all laughing and having a good time.

0:07-0:08: The scene switches again to another Caucasian young man at a tailgate. He is sitting on the tailgate of a white truck and is dressed casually in a orange and white long sleeve shirt and jeans. It is easy to assume that they are tailgating before a sporting event and the colors of the team must be orange and blue since everyone in the scene is wear some sort of combination of those colors. The man is holding a light blue cup. He is speaking to a woman who has her back towards us, and she is leaning on a folding table. The table is filled with beer bottles, chips in a bowl, sliced watermelon on a plate and empty cups. There is another woman to the left of the screen who is smiling and at the women the main guy is talking to, and she is also holding a plastic cup. To the right of the screen behind another table holding beer bottles and paper towels are a man and a woman animatedly talking to each other. Like the other two characters and places I think this one was chosen because tailgating is another staple of America. It takes place at almost every sporting event and most average Americans will find themselves in this situation at some point in their lives.

0:09-0:10: The scene switches back to the first African American man at the bar. He looks concerned as he digs around in the front pocket of his jeans looking for something. He is still holding the drink from before, but it does not look like he has taken a sip of it.

0:11-0:13: The scene flips back to the barbecue and is clearly focused on the young man again. Everyone else is blurred out and the camera is closer to the man which instantly draws your attention to him and what he is doing. He is looking down and he reaches into his jean pocket. He pulls out what looks to be his car keys and holds them in the open palm of his hand. He looks down at them and looks concerned. The camera continues to zoom in slowly.

0:14: The scene then changes back to the tailgate party. The camera is closer to the young man sitting on the tailgate and it slowly zooms in on him. Someone off camera throws a set of car keys at the man and he catches them with one hand while he holds his drink with the other. You can now prominantly see an open cooler of beer behind him in the bed of the truck. He looks at the keys with a concerned look on his face. As he flips the keys in his hands it seems like he is strongly considering wether or not he should be driving.

0:15-0:17: The scene is back in the bar where the young African American man is still looking at his keys. He is no longer holding a drink. He closes his hand around the keys and looks up. He is looking slightly to the right of the camera and looks as if he has made a decision.

0:18-0:19: The scene switches again to the barbecue where we are now solely focused on the young man. We are significantly closer to him now and can only see the top half of him. The background is blurred. He is looking towards the left of the camera and smiles.

0:20: The scene switches back to the bar but the camera angle is now from behind the right shoulder of the young man looking down. He has his right hand held out and open with his car keys in the palm of his hand. You can see the lock and unlock button on the key fob. In the same second the camera angle changes to the side of the young man, and you can clearly see him pocket his keys. It is assumed that he makes the decision not to drive home from the bar that night.

0:21: The scene switches to a navy-blue backpack on a bench. Based on the trees in the background it is assumed we are back at the barbecue. You can see the young man’s hand as he too decides not to drive home after drinking and is seen putting the keys in the side of his bag. Also, in this second the scene changes to a close up of the man at the tailgate. He makes the decision not to drive after drinking and is seen tossing the keys back to the person off screen.

0:22: The young man from the tailgate party is seen getting in the back seat of a black SUV. The SUV has its window rolled down so we can still see the man.

0:23-0:26: As the man buckles himself in the words “Plan Ahead. Catch A Sober Ride.” come up across the screen. The words are in a bolded print and are white. They are also in all caps.

0:27-0:30: The man is still buckling himself in, but the words change to “Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving”. The words are in all caps and are a bold white across the screen. The man sits back after buckling himself in and has a satisfied smiles on his face. He speaks to someone off screen in the front of the car. In the end I think the character and places as well as the situations the characters found themselves in were chosen specifically because they are easy to relate to. Almost every single person will most likely end up in one of these situations once in their lives which makes it easier to understand and take the message of not drinking buzzed to heart. It reinforces the fact that it can happen to anyone.

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