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Do you want to send your kid to school and fear one day that one day that he or she might not come home? No, of course not no parents should have to worry about their child’s safety when sending them off to school weather if it’s elementary, high school or college. Unfortunately because of the times that is of society today, there is a probably that parents could send their kids off to school and they will not return home. This is because that mass shootings are at an all time high. A mass shooting, by definition of the Federal Bureau Investigation, is defined as a single individual unleashes a mass attack that results four or more victims that have been either wounded or  have been killed by the attack. Everyday more communities are traumatized as the result of mass shootings that occur in their hometown. So far in 2015, there have been a total of 294 mass shootings that have occurred in the United States that dates back to October 1st of this year. Which means that everyday a mass shootings occurs somewhere within the United States. The majority of mass shootings that have occurred have been in schools, but in recent months statistics prove that movie theaters and churches have also been prime targets for mass shooters. There are a couple of questions that are asked after a mass shooting occurs. Questions include “why would someone want to do this”, “could this have been prevented” and “what can be done to prevent this”? The main thing that is looked at when evaluating all of this is that mass shootings are mainly related to have mental health issues of the attacker or gun violence. Some people will say that one is the problem while others will say the opposite. There will even be people that say that both are the problem or neither is the problem. It’s obvious that both issues are the problems for mass shootings and nothing is being done to help prevent them.

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