Visual Rewrite: GoodMusician440

  • 0:00-0:03: When the video opens up, we see a couple, a man and a woman, walking down a path with each other and it looks like they are smiling at each other an engaging conversation. The path is baige/brownish, and in the background, we have a lot of bushes and trees along with a nice blue sky with some clouds. The man is wearing a shirt with a checkered/square pattern along with some nice blue jeans and boots, and the woman is wearing a blue shirt with a vest overtop and some dark pants and shoes. I think the videographers filmed it like this to show to us the kind of life the woman and the man normally have and like to do with each other along with where.
  • 0:04-0:05: The video switches over to the woman exchanging a conversation at the camera to the cameraman. The woman looks like she is somewhere in her 40s now that we have a close up, and in the room, there is a lot of chairs and equipment that look like they are for old people. The room is white with quite a bit of windows, and it looks good in there.
  • 0:05-0:06: There are little statues/action figures of US soldiers, and one of them is holding the US flag. Along side is a little plaque that says “Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave.” This makes it clear the household has to be military in some way or another.
  • 0:06-0:09: The video switches over to a picture on the wall, and it looks a lot like the man in the beginning that was walking with the woman. It makes it clear that he has a lot of military background because he is wearing a lot of green military clothing, and he is also with another fellow trooper in the picture.
  • 0:09-0:11: There is a closeup of the man now, and he also looks like he is in his 30s-40s, although I’m guessing he is a little younger than the woman. He has light grey glasses, and he has a big mustache and beard.
  • 0:11-0:15: From watching this view, the woman is angled a little differently in this one and using a lot more facial expressions and hand movement in her conversation. I am guessing it is because she might want to get something important across. Also, I had just noticed the grey heart necklace.
  • 0:15-0:20: The woman is reading her book on one of the chairs. There are two camera angles in this time frame. The first one has her reading but it also gives a really good look at the room around her. I see a grey compartment to her right along with a vase with a plant in it to her left. The curtains on the window are grey ish and there are a couple of paintings on the wall. The second camera angle zooms in really far in. First, it goes a little bit at the book, but then it gradually transitions to point at the woman.
  • 0:20-0:22: The woman and the man are walking down the same path as the beginning, but this time, they are both smiling and looking off to the side, and they are holding hands. Also, the camera angle is definitely zoomed in more towards them and makes less of an emphasis on the background behind them.
  • 0:22-0:30: The last thing is that there is a white screen that advertises AARP.
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  1. davidbdale says:

    Graded SAT APR 29


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