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Robust Verbs- Sphagettitacosforthesoul

A rising problem has emerged in Vancouver with heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop the addicts. But the large crime rate is due to the addicts … Continue reading

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Open strong- spaghettitacosforthesoul

Avocados are murders, and vegetarians are aiding their demise. With the rise of popularity to eat healthy, and maintain a balanced diet; being a vegetarian is in demand. Vegetarians see their gestures as having a positive impact on the meat … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- Spagettitacosforthesoul

Manufacturers “unquie opporinity” This definition claim evaluates the faith steve has in his invention. Without hesitation, he took the opportunity to use himself as a test subject on highly dangerous equipment to prove that SafeSaw is effective. Customers’ “potential for … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite—Spagettitacosforthesoul

0:00  The video starts off with a straightforward camera view of a group of people of all age ranges, laughing, talking, and sitting at a dining room table outside on a nice day. The table is angled so you can … Continue reading

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Definition – Sphagettitacosforthesoul

Needs a Title Avocados are delicious food sources that have countless of benefiting factors to eating them. A staple food that you will find in popularized vegetarian diets. The vegetarian diet has also been increasingly popular among the dietary spectrum. … Continue reading

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White paper- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Hypothesis 1 The choice to convert to a vegetarian diet negatively impacts the environment because of the mass production of popular healthy foods are resulting in pollution, contributing to the death of millions. Hypothesis 2 The conversion of a vegetarian … Continue reading

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Claims- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

SECTION 17 And then she’ll just sit and listen while he says he cannot get it out of his head, about how if he had caught that fucking sniper, that enemy sniper he’d been trying to get, that’d been following … Continue reading

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Stone money- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Evaluating the differences in currency around the world can help us understand the abstract of what money is at its core. And how we use physical objects with less material significance to gain ones with more value. In This American … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Environment Negative impacts to the environment. Pollution is a leading cause to the negative impacts of the environment. A healthy vegetarian can damage the environment. The choice to convert to a vegetarian diet can negatively impact the environment because mass … Continue reading

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Summaries – Spaghettitacosforthesoul

Pizza hunt and the pyramids It seems counterintuitive that one can experience chain food meals in the most sacred parts of the world. Pizza hut, a chain food restaurant that sells American-Italian food, is one of the US’s top fast-food … Continue reading

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