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How to Post to the Blog

It occurred to me while I was waiting for my instructional video to be processed at Canvas, that I could also post it here.

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Preview Survey Results

Hey, class. I thought you might like to see the (anonymized) results of the Survey Monkey Comp II Preview. I’m all about feedback and staying in touch, so I want you to know from the very start that I take … Continue reading

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A15: Research Argument

My Researched Opinion Your first and only long argument is due FRI DEC 04 before class. The culmination of your research, it will draw conclusions supported by the evidence you provide. This paper will no doubt contain material from your shorter … Continue reading

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Agenda WED DEC 02, 2015

Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness Follow the link you received from the college via email or Banner to find and complete the Evaluation survey. The school and department very much appreciate full participation. Class time provided  Impressive Models of Reflective Statements … Continue reading

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Agenda WED NOV 25

A14: Self-Reflective Statement Portfolio Mechanics How to build a Portfolio with a simple Category choice. Reply, please Check the Feedback history on all your posts, looking for Replies in which your professor has asked you to “reply, please.” Reply, please.

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A14: Self-Reflective Statement

Self-Reflective Statement Except for your Research Position Paper (due FRI DEC 04), your last assignment is the Self-Reflective Statement required of all students in Composition II. It is a one-draft assignment that you will post directly into your Portfolio without … Continue reading

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Agenda FRI NOV 20

A13: Annotated Bibliography Absolutely Essential Grammar

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A13: Annotated Bibliography

Adapt from your Proposal +5 (10)(15) The Annotated Bibliography is an assignment you are already prepared to post if you’ve been adding bibliographic information to your Proposal +5 since the day you first posted it. Most likely you have consulted … Continue reading

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Strong Subjects, Robust Verbs

Here is an opening paragraph that displays some common early draft traits that a good revision will eliminate. Too many sentences begin with, or contain “There is” or “there are” or “it is” components. Those phrases almost always result in … Continue reading

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A12: Rebuttal Rewrite

Rebuttal Rewrite As you did before with your Definition and Causal Rewrites, you’ll be required to revise and re-post your Rebuttal Argument as a Rebuttal Rewrite. You’ll publish your new post in a new Category, A12: Rebuttal Rewrite. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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