CREDIBILITY CLAIM: This is a credibility claim because it gives credit to the person who made a claim. 

 “Hofstra professor Motta says, while a simple Google search [of the research] would tell you that the children of traumatized people have problems, the VA doesn’t wanna spend the money. Even with veterans, they try to say, ‘Well, you really had a preexisting condition.’ It would cost millions upon millions to treat the people affected. They just don’t want to foot the bill.” 

COMPARATIVE CLAIM: VVW has safe houses where people feeling episodic can go too, which is better than going to the VVW parking lot and sleeping in their trucks.  

“it’s better than just driving to VVW’s parking lot and sleeping in their trucks.”

ATTRIBUTIVE CLAIM: The author is passing a message along about how every vet needs therapy, but the author can’t verify that claim; therefore used Danna’s claim  

“She tells me that VVW’s No. 1 priority has always been helping vets figure out how to get their benefits. “Money has to be first. You can’t breathe without it.” But it takes more than that. “She,” Danna says, meaning the wife—nearly all the vets around here are men—”NEEDS therapy.”

EVALUATIVE CLAIM: This claim involves judgment of the characteristics of secondary trauma by saying wether itll be acknowledged as a form of hell. 

“It may take years for the verdict to come in on whether secondary trauma will be officially acknowledged as its own unique form of hell.”

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