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There are many heroin addicts on the streets and valleys that are truly in need. Insite facilities have flourished all over Vancouver, Canada and are starting to approach in other places were attention is needed. Insite prevents the spread of disease, however it doesn’t stop the use of drug. Insite  may have some beneficial effects however it doesn’t discourage the use of heroin which can develop further health complications. Insite facilities paired with rehabilitation program in conjunction is perceived to be the best method in beating addiction and preventing the spread of disease.

Some people don’t believe in rehab and other alternative treatments provided. Having rehab center in conjunction with the Insite harm reduction program is the only effective way in getting them on right track. Insite facilities will just make drug addicts come back over and over again to get more heroine. It isn’t healthy for an individual to consume heroin over period of time. An individual healthy is equally important as it is to stop the spread of the disease. Government should use Insite Harm reduction program as a way to encourage them into rehab. The rates of disease transmission has decreased after the program. However some may never come back to Insite center and then cause spread of infection. So it is important an approach to gradually stop the addiction is looked upon through rehab.


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