A:10 Definition Rewrite – tpaz1

Too many states in the U.S punish their own citizens by executing them. The law system believes killing an inmate justifies their criminal act. The death penalty is a form of legalized unusual punishment and states today want to murder their own people by injecting lethal/harmful drugs in the body, electrocution, and death from a firing squad. Capital punishment is an unethical resolution that is unnecessary to be performed. The justice system and states need to realize the use of legal executions is pointless. It also results into too many negative factors of cost, rights, emotions and being hypocritical. There are other resolutions of punishment than murdering their own people.

The criminal justice system in the U.S serves specific functions, when dealing with criminals. The functions they serve are to deter crime, rehabilitate convicts, and incapacitate dangerous criminals. The justice system need to realize another solution that can result into a positive manner. By giving life in prison, opposing to eliminating their; serves a better way to follow the justice system’s functions. In the article, It’s Time to Abolish the Death Penalty, author Sean McElwee stated, “life imprisonment is certainly deterrent, and allows rehabilitation, where as death is final.” The death penalty ultimately doesn’t serve the purpose of the criminal justice system, it goes against it. The justice systems wants to end violent criminals, trying to stop violence in general. When punishing their own people, they are actually promoting violence to the world. They believe punishing a criminal, who is violent for murdering someone; by killing the criminal themselves is a violent act.

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