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To observe the performance of doctors in hospitals, often times patients are given surveys to rate how their treatment was. Shockingly, results shown that families with lower income generally have poorer performances. Some assumptions came uo by people claiming that perhaps some doctors are biased to their patients; however that thought was crossed out when they realized doctors do not have access to the families income and treats whatever patients they can. Therefore, the data was observed by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and one of the key factors that contribute to the inequality is how well patients communicate to physicians.

Communication between the physicians and the patience play a huge part because with that communications, it helps the doctors make decisions on figuring out how to help the patience. According to American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the benefits of effective communication is that “the patient and physician have developed a “partnership” and the patient has been fully educated in the nature of his or her condition and the different methods to address the problem.” In addition, the patient will have a say in things, which will satisfy the patient more.

Though there are many other factors on why patients are not satisfied with their care, the main source of the health disparity is the lack of communication skills some individuals have, which is common within people with low income. There are many disadvantages people in low income families have; including education and lifestyle that is not the same as families with a higher income.

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