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How To Wake Up The Nation

When presidential corruption surpasses all the limits and the entire nation suffers because of unfair one-sided laws and low salaries, every next decision made by the president can be turned into provocation against the society and cause big revolutionary movement. Viktor Yanukovich,  became a president of Ukraine in 2010 and since that moment he was doing everything to enrich himself, while every average person had to struggle because of new laws and fees.

When president of Ukraine failed to sign the agreements with European union on November 29, students’ response was immediate – via social media, they decided to meet in the center of the city, on the Independence Square and stay as long as needed. Although almost everyone in the country was mad and disappointed, the situation wasn’t any close to critical or unexpected, so just young adults were willing to fight for changes, while most of elderly people, and middle-aged adults weren’t enough motivated to make any actual moves against the government. By the morning, few hundred people that were still standing near the Independence Monument when they were attacked by special police forces that just started beating everyone with batons, and drag some individuals to the police cars without any warnings. Upon waking up and reading the news, people were shocked. Thousands of people, now of all the ages, started gathering together on the central squares asking for the justice and changes. By trying to show harmless students, who rules the country, president underestimated the power of millions of people that  worth more than his own. For the next 2 months people occupied the center of the city,  demanding for radical changes in the government and laws, while well-payed special forces were trying to disorganize and weaken the revolution.

By the end of February it was already clear for everyone that there is no more way back. After spending almost 3 months in cold and fighting against the dictatorship, protesters could no longer give up. President and his surrounding realized that their crimes stay no longer unnoticed, but Yanukovich wasn’t willing to give up on his power and treasures. On February 18 new law that allows police use a real weapon against protesters was implemented. All the special police forces were sent to the center of the city and were commanded to regain control of the Independence Square and all the adjacent streets.  The assault on the revolution camp had failed, but many people were injured and over one hundred got killed by the police snipers. After realizing that there’s nothing more he can do, Yanukovich ran away from the country.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Xchuki, see Causal Argument Advice for feedback on this essay.

    Reply, please.


    • xchuki says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Your comments about the president helped me to add more details to the picture, and your questions helped me to think of better organizing my ideas!


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