Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


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Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography is the logical result of a strong White Paper. It will provide your reader (for the most part, your professor in this case) with BOTH the needed bibliographic details to track down your sources for confirmation AND a summary of the usefulness and pertinence of the sources to your argument. The Annotated Bibliography will be graded once as a standalone item and will also become part of your overall Portfolio grade. It can be revised in response to feedback IF it is posted early and the Feedback Please request is immediate.

  • Export your Bibliographic sources from your White Paper to your Annotated Bibliography
    • Bibliography—Username (post to the Bibliography category and your Username category).
  • Place the Bibliography immediately also into your Portfolio Username category.

The first draft of your Bibliography will probably be your final draft, BUT if you post early and request Feedback immediately, there may be time for Professor notes and revisions. But there will never be a Bibliography Rewrite post.