Withdrawal Deadline

Word to the Wise (but Hopelessly Behind)


The College’s Withdrawal Deadline for this course is a few days earlier than your 3rd Mandatory Professor Conference. If you wait until THU APR 13 to conference with me about your Semester Progress, you may already be too late to withdraw and avoid a failing grade.

If you’re at all in doubt about your ability to complete a passing Portfolio by THU APR 27,
DO NOT MISS the opportunity to Withdraw without a grade.

Reprinted from the Rowan Daily Mail:

Course Withdrawal Process and Deadlines for Spring 2023

We are now in the withdrawal period for most Spring 2023 courses, and the deadline to submit a course withdrawal is 4/10/2023 for full-term courses. Withdrawing from a course allows a student to stop attending and receive a “W” grade. This grade does not impact a student’s GPA or reduce their attempted credits, however, students are still financially responsible for charges associated with any withdrawn course. As a reminder, the course withdrawal process is now completed fully online through Self-Service Banner, and students should follow the directions below to complete their course withdrawal request:

  1. Log in to Self-Service Banner and click on the “Student” tab.
  2. Under “Registration” on the Student tab menu, choose the “Withdraw from a course” link.
  3. When the form opens, click the box next to the course from which to withdrawal.
  4. Read the bulleted withdrawal implications and check the box indicating acknowledgement and understanding of the implications of a course withdrawal.
  5. Click the “Withdraw from selected course(s)” button.
  6. Confirm course selection(s) when prompted.