Is PTSD Contagious? Claims

  1. The title says is PTSD Contaigous? Claiming it could be contained.
  2. Brannan Vines has warrior skills.
  3. Hes one of the Americans who came back from war and suffers with PTSD.
  4.  PTSD is not fully understood by society.
  5. Hypervigiliance is exhaustingly depressing.
  6. Caleb being home since 2006 gives Brannan enough time to catch the symptoms.
  7. Caleb and Brannan can get very tense with agitation.
  8. PTSD could be worse than a drug addiction.
  9. She sounds like she might start crying
  10. Author describes Caleb as a heavier, rounder, larger man.
  11. Its hard to understand Caleb’s injuries.
  12. He often times doesnt remember what happens later on.
  13. PTSD wasnt an official diagnosis until 1980.
  14. People do not respect or grasp PTSD.
  15. PTSD is tricky.
  16. Vets from Vietnam suffer from PTSD.
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1 Response to Is PTSD Contagious? Claims

  1. davidbdale says:

    ndb1996, I posted this for you in the two appropriate categories (E04: Critical Reading PTSD) (ndb1996). You haven’t been posting to your username at all, which is why your name has never appeared in the sidebar below Author. Please open all your posts and categorize them in your username. You can’t get credit for your timely submissions if I can’t find them. Ask for help on this in the lab tomorrow if you’re not clear on the process. Thanks.


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