Rebuttal Exercise – Marinebio18

Antagonistic 2-

According to Last Chance for Animals: What is Ag-Gag? , “Ag Gag legislation criminalizes employees who attempt to document unsanitary and hazardous working conditions, and any illegal or unethical conduct by other employees or supervisors.”

Rebuttal: The law makes it nearly impossible for a person inside the business to report that their job has been conducting illegal acts. The company is mostly protected under the law. Although the law is not meant to criminalize it could further harm the employees because of the harsh working conditions.

Antagonistic 3

“The legislation was designed and crafted to try and protect First Amendment rights while also trying to provide some personal property protection.”

Rebuttal: The law contradicts the First Amendment rights because it does not allow people to speak about what they found while in a farm that harms animals. The laws are meant to protect the business not the reporters or any witnesses’ First Amendment rights. 

Supportive 3

“98% of farms and ranches in the U.S. family owned and operated, I know that today’s food is grown by people who care about the animals, the environment and the final retail product.”

Rebuttal: A family could own a factory farm and may not have a lot of care about handling animals. The author is claiming that anybody who owns a farm is a caring individual. The authors is also saying that the other 2% are factory farms that have no care for animals.

Supportive 2 

According to Conservationists join animal rights group to challenge Idaho ag gag law “The bill protects farmers and their families from misrepresentation, lies and deceit by individuals that intended to damage what they have worker a lifetime to build”

Rebuttal: Instead of talking about animals the main purpose of these laws are to protect the people who take part in horrible acts toward animals. Although the business they spent a lifetime to build is being protected, they could further harm people with the laws.

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