Visual Rewrite-Fatjoe


We see a man and a women walking outside on a trail. The man is wearing a short sleeve flannel shirt, sunglasses, jeans and boots. The woman is wearing a sweatshirt, a vest, jeans and sneakers. This shows that the weather isn’t too cold but not too warm either. The environment that they are in has some trees with and without leaves, showing that it is likely the fall season. It is also sunny but there are shadows of the trees and other plants suggesting that it is late morning to mid-afternoon.


Now we are in a home with the woman talking to the camera. She is dressed nicely with a casual, blue long sleeve shirt on with a heart necklace on. These articles of clothing suggest that she is trying to make a good image of herself. The room she is in has some wood rocking chairs and three windows behind them. Through the windows you can see a porch, trees and mountains in the background. These details show that this house is located in a rural area.


The camera is now showing a shelf of various military things. These things consist of two plaques, one too blurry to make out and another one of three military men standing in unison. To the right of those are is the flag that a retired military member gets, that gets folded and put into a triangle shaped frame. And in front of that is another plaque showing three soldiers raising an american flag with a mini board in front of it saying “Home of the free because of the brave.” All of this suggests that maybe the woman has had a family member that was in the military that passed away.


The camera is showing a framed picture of two military men shaking hands. They are both in the army. In the picture, the man on the left is an older man and the one on the right looks like a middle aged man. The middle aged man has some sort of medal hanging out of his breast pocket. The woman most likely has some sort of relationship with the middle aged man.


We are now looking at a close up of the man that was walking on the trail. Since we went from looking at that picture to now looking at this man, this could mean that the middle aged man in the picture is the same man that was walking on the trail. And all of those plaques that were on the shelf show that he is now retired.


We are back with woman talking to the camera. She is in the same spot and the same room. But now she is talking while making hand movements which shows that whatever she is talking about she is passionate about/takes serious.


Now we are looking at the woman reading a book in the corner of a different room than before. There are some nice and big windows next to where she is reading with a clearer view of the outdoors. There are some more trees and much clearer mountains which further shows that they live in a rural area. Since she is a reading a book it shows that she is sophisticated and enjoys to read in her free time since she is doing it during the day. The furniture that is in view is nicely kept, the floors are shiny and the walls are clean. These people keep their house nice and neat.


We now are looking at a close up of the woman reading her book. She is a slight grin on her face which also shows that she enjoys to read.


Now we are back on the trail with the man and the woman. They are wearing the same clothes but now they are holding hands which shows that they are in a relationship. Although it is tough to tell if either of them have a wedding ring on.


The video flashes to a screen that reads “” Since we saw the shelf with all the military plaques, the “caregiving” part of the website link suggests that this video was a ad for retired military benefits.

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