Rebuttal Argument

Rebuttal Argument


Rebuttal Argument

The Rebuttal Argument is one of THREE Short Arguments (1000 words each) whose contents you will combine at the end of the semester to produce your Research Position Paper (3000 words).

The assignment REQUIRES a Rewrite in response to Feedback to demonstrate your participation in the recursive nature of writing (WA Department Core Value 1).

POST BOTH VERSIONS at the same time in different categories.

  • Publish your text and References into a new post.
    • Rebuttal—Username (post to the Rebuttal category and your Username category).
  • Copy and past your text and References into a new post at the same time:
    • Rebuttal Rewrite—Username (post to the Rebuttal Rewrite category and your Username category)

The first draft Rebuttal version will never change. Your professor will provide feedback on your Rebuttal Rewrite post. You’ll respond there by making revisions. Both versions will become part of your Portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE: The Rebuttal Argument is your opportunity to FACE YOUR CRITICS. It’s where you cite the excellent and informed opinions of your “Worthy Opponent” in the argument, and then, with all due respect, take out his knees.