White Paper–ilovenas

Contents Description

  • Poor Body Image in women.
  • Poor Body Image in men.
  • Psychological affects on men
  • Poor Body Image can lead to drugs

Practice Opening 1:

From Vogue Magazine, Sports Illustrated to Fitness Magazines, the media captures what they define as beauty or attractive. It’s no secret people tend to idolize these people who are shown in the media. We’ve all been there, seen someone attractive and wondered,” Why can’t I look like that?” But there comes a point where one grows up and accepts the skin they’re in. For some people, it’s just not that easy and they continue to deal with poor body image. Although women’s body image issues are typically discussed more often and accepted more than Men. Society’s view of the ideal body is more psychologically and mentally damaging to men than to women.

Practice Opening 2:

Body image issues in males can be more psychologically and mentally damaging than women for a couple of reasons. Many men turn to steroids in hopes to gain more muscle. One big side effect of these drugs is increased aggression and mood swings, as well as insomnia. Taking into consideration those three things, Men who take steroids become a different person, the drugs themselves are a cause of the damaged psyche, causing these men to act erratically and become a risk to not only themselves, but the people around them.

Working Hypothesis 1:

Poor Body Image is more Psychologically damaging to men than woman.

Working Hypothesis 2:

If men were supported more by society to share their emotions, they would seek help more often.

Topics for Smaller Papers

  • The dangers of Steroid use
  • Just because it is more heard for woman to have more confidence issues than men, doesn’t mean the mean’s poor body image should go unnoticed.
  • History in the media and fashion industry on the “ideal” woman
  • Statistics that show how many young girls are affected by this disease as well

Current State of Research:

So far I have found a lot of interesting points I can expand on in my paper. For my Causal argument I have come up with some good point against my thesis. For example, using statistics to show how many women poor body image affects. On the other hand, when searching in google you can rarely find a decent article or paper on men with poor body.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Just acceptable. Does not in any way reflect the growth of a semester-long research project from beginning to its developed stage.


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