26 THU APR 20

Class 26 THU APR 20

A Riddle about Riddles


Portfolio Tasks

Guide to the Portfolio

Grading and Editing

NEW! Grade Please Category
For students still waiting for feedback, or who don’t particularly want interference from their beloved professor, just a Grade, Please, this category will get you what you want without spin.

  • Grade Levels 1
    • The same paragraph written 4 times, increasingly well, to demonstrate the differences between D-level work, A-level work, and the levels between.
  • Grade Levels 2
    • An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.

Class Activities

  • Invitation to post at Rate My Professor
    1. Follow this link directly to David Hodges
    2. If asked for a Course Code, use COMP 2 SP23
  • Preview of Portfolio Readiness
    1. We’ll spend time together on this
    2. You’ve already started to build your Portfolio
  • Don’t worry.
    1. You can still revise everything.
  • Give every Portfolio item a Title.
Argument Title

Review Citations

  1. Review your In-text citations for compliance.
    1. They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a QuotationParaphrase, or Summary.


This is CORRECT:
Compliant APA

Make Separate posts for Short Arguments
First the Initial Post

Causal Argument

Then a New Post for the Revised Argument
(Shows Responsiveness to Feedback)

Causal Rewrite

Check Bibliography for Compliance
Entries need APA Bibliographic notations, 
Links to the Sources,
and thorough descriptions of Background Material and How I Used it.


Check Reflective Statement for Compliance
Entries must specific descriptions of changes you made to your work in response
to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives.
Make references and links to the posts that best demonstrate
your accomplishment of the Core Values.


43 Responses to 26 THU APR 20

  1. zipemup1 says:

    What’s brown and sticky?

    A stick

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  2. littlecow24 says:

    -We look at 2 different versions of a joke
    -One is short and to the point while the other goes on for a while.
    -Apply this to your writing, shorter and to the point will make your argument clear and concise
    -Why can’t you trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

    -Reflective statement and annotated bibliography are both due before class on 12/7
    -Look over core values to see exactly what the requirements are and apply my process to it for the reflective statement
    -Pull sources from your white paper for the annotated bibliography with some minor changes
    -Strive for 10 sources in the annotated bibliography to demonstrate the research you have done

    -Portfolio contents:
    Research Position Paper (1 piece)
    Annotated Bibliography (1 piece)
    Visual Rhetoric Rewrite (1 piece)
    Self-Reflective Statement (1 piece)
    (5, 6, 7, and 8) Two of the following: (4 pieces)
    Definition Rewrite, plus the original Definition Argument
    Causal Rewrite, plus the original Causal Argument
    Rebuttal Rewrite, plus the original Rebuttal Argument

    -Include titles to your essay, but do not include “Definition Essay: Title”

    -Look into the grade levels posts to see what each grade looks like starting at a D-level paragraph

    -Start your argument by grabbing attention
    -If it starts with something that everyone knows about, the reader will not be as interested


  3. minutemen14 says:

    “Three guys walk into a bar, the fourth one ducked”
    A Good Joke
    -Delivery is what makes a good joke.

    Due Tuesday Dec 07
    -Annotated Bibliography
    -Self Reflective Statement

    Course Evaluations
    -Student Banner
    -Rate my Professor (Optional)

    Review Citations
    -No Parenthetical Citations

    Einstein Joke
    -Questions are the same, but the answers have changed
    -What was true earlier in the history of science has been changed and updated


  4. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we first discussed a riddle regarding jokes. We discussed two versions of the same knock-knock joke, both of which have different tones. When trying to say what you mean, you may get the tone wrong and spoil the effect you were going for. This is usually done by falling for ready-made language or by overwriting what could be written simply. We then reviewed the last two due dates for the semester, which are the self-reflective statement and the annotated bibliography. For the reflective statement, you must describe how you met each of the core values for this course. You must also provide a link to a previous assignment for each. Core value 1 describes that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process. Core value 2 describes that critical analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts and arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts. Core value 3 describes that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context. Core value 4 describes that information literacy is essential to the practice of writing. Core value 5 describes that writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities. Your annotated bibliography must have 10-15 sources, and for each source describe the background of the source and how you used it. We then went over what should be included in our Portfolio. We will verify our Portfolio on Tuesday so that we can schedule our grade conference. We reviewed completed examples of Portfolio submissions, so we have versions to refer to when compiling our own. Lastly, we watched a video regarding how Stephen Hawking was wrong.


  5. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (12.2.21)
    This is the End!
    o next class we meet will be a “portfolio double-check”
    o have my portfolio ready to be verified
    o 12/7 is a date to remember…
    o have arguments finished
    o self-reflective statement
     linked provided on the blog
    o annotated bibliography
    o visual rhetoric argument
    Riddle about Riddles
    o people ask the wrong questions (WORDS MATTER—like an equation, use words correctly to get the solutions you are looking for)
    o ready-made language (*highlighted*)
    o ready-made language does the job, but how well? Not well.
    o MY JOKE: I don’t have a joke, I am the joke (I love a good self-deprecating joke)
    Riddles and arguments Go Hand-and-Hand
    o delivery makes a riddle and argument beautiful
    o the use of words and delivery are my golden keys to unlocking a strong argument
    My Argument (Research Paper)
    o write for the small proportion of people that are uncertain
    o take that uncertainty and run with it !
    Annotated Bibliography
    o modeled on blog page
    o Model: “Background” + “How I Used It”
    o keep it short and sweet !
    What Goes Into the Portfolio?
    o 8 pieces
    o Two short argumentative essays with an earlier draft for each essay.
     pick two strongest essays
     the more different they are, the better
    o A visual rhetoric assignment.
    o An annotated bibliography.
    o Reflective statement.
     Core Value I: Understand that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process. (In particular, students should address how they have engaged in self-directed revision.)
     Core Value II. Understand that close and critical reading/analysis allows writers to understand how and why texts create meaning.
     Core Value III. Understand that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
     Core Value IV. Understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing.
     Core Value V. Understand the ethical dimensions of writing.
    o For more information, go to the blog, under “26 Class THU DEC 02”

    “We’re less wrong every day”


  6. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    Core values:
    -Core value 1
    -Writing is a practice that involves a multistage, recursive, and social process
    -Core value 2
    -Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic public of those texts
    -Core value 3
    -Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context
    -Core value 4
    -Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing
    -Core Value 5
    -Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities


  7. toastedflatbread22 says:

    -Just like a bad joke, writing can be overly-complicated or overwritten and it spoils the writing
    -How we deliver our writing influences whether our writing will be good or bad
    -In the reflection statement, we must understand the core values of the FYWP and explain if and how we practiced them throughout the writing process
    -These are the core values:
    Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.
    Close and critical reading/analysis are necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
    Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.
    Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.
    This is due Tuesday the 7th
    Annotated Bibliography
    -The annotated bibliography includes a lot of the same information that is in the white paper
    -Strive to add 10 sources to the annotated bibliography-even if you used 5 or 6 in the essay, you can add the sources that you referenced, but weren’t as influential
    -This is due Tuesday the 7th
    Portfolio Requirements
    -There are 8 parts to the portfolio:
    Two short arguments with earlier drafts (definition+rebuttal, causal+definition, rebuttal+causal)
    The more the rewrite has improved since the first draft, the better
    Altogether, this is 4 parts of the portfolio
    Visual rhetoric
    Annotated bibliography
    Reflective statement
    The Research essay
    -This is due Tuesday the 7th
    -There should be a title at the top of every argument
    -It should be categorized as “Heading 2”, centered
    -Double-check the in-text citations-no parenthetical author notations
    -Each argument needs an original draft and a rewrite

    How did the fish ride the bike? It didn’t.


  8. Lily4Pres says:

    Next class will be our portfolio check, last real class.
    Self-Reflective Statement
    Formal explanation of why you fulfilled the first-year writing program. Core values in the FYWP.
    Core Value 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process. Your advancement in writing, analyzing literature, etc. Demonstrated through your short arguments and your rewrites.
    Core Value 2: Close and critical/reading analysis for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts. Understanding why the text has meaning.
    Core Value 3: Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
    Core Value 4: Informational literacy is essential to the practice of writing. Visual rhetoric assignment is the appropriate model for this.
    Core Value 5: Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities. Has a lot to do with your obligation to respect other’s opinions and communicate with them fairly. Treat each with respect and do not take others out of context.
    Annotated Bib
    No more than 15 sources, give a brief background and then how you used it.


  9. Self Reflective Values
    Write about if you have met the core values of this class
    Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts
    Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context
    Audience: people who are open minded enough to change their opinion/be influenced by your writing
    Information literacy is essential for writing
    Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities
    Self Reflective Statement is due December 7th
    Guide to Portfolio
    Two short argumentative essays with an earlier draft for each essay
    Visual Rhetoric
    Annotated Bibliography
    Reflective Statement
    Research Position Argument


  10. strawberryfields4 says:

    Self-Reflective Statement
    -Review of what you accomplished during the semester
    -Can critique both the course and your work
    -Argument on why and how you met the core values of the writing program
    -Refer to “Self-Reflective Statement” blog page for brief and clear descriptions of the core values
    -Refer to specific pieces of work written during the semester
    -Explain how you engaged in the feedback process with professor
    -Explain how you worked to deeply and thoughtfully analyze texts
    -Explain how you wrote for targeted audience
    -Explain how you demonstrated information literacy
    -Explain how you respected the value of other people’s opinions, while communicating them fairly
    -Cut and paste the provided template for the assignment

    Annotated Bibliography
    -Contains bibliographic material, background (purposeful summary) of source, and how you used the source
    -Refer to model on “Annotated Bibliography” blog page as an example
    -Contains 10-15 sources

    Portfolio Contents (8 pieces)
    -2 of the 3 short argument essays written and their rewrites
    -Visual rhetoric
    -Annotated bibliography
    -Reflective statement
    -Researched position paper (contains its own references list)
    -Deadline is Tue. Dec. 7
    -Revisions can be made after this deadline
    -Final grades will be posted on Fri. Dec. 17

    Grade Conferences
    -Schedule on the conference chart


  11. frogs02 says:

    Today in class we first started talking about the self-reflective statement and how it is required for all students in composition 2. This is your guide to the first-year writing program devotes a very large section to a full description of the self-reflective statement. It is intended to argue whether or not you learned the core values. Core value 1 is writing a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process. Core value 2 is a close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of texts. Core value 3 is that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context. Core value 4 is that information literacy is essential to the practice of writing. Core value 5 is writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities. The annotated bibliography includes a background of your sources and how they were used. The portfolio includes 8 pieces. This includes 2 short arguments, both draft, and rewrite. The rest of the arguments are the visual rhetoric, annotated bibliography, and reflective statement.


  12. calamariii says:

    Next Tuesday’s class will be our last formal class, and before we get our grades we will have meetings on our grades. The core values of this first-year writing class are: writing is a multi-stage social process, critical reading of a writing piece is important to understand and use those texts, writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context, information literacy is essential to writing, and writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities. The work that will go into our portfolios is 2/3 of the essays that we have written, the researched position argument the visual rhetoric rewrite, annotated bibliography, and the reflective statement. When we come into class on Tues, we will check in to verify the portfolio is completed and then the final grade review meeting will be scheduled. After verifying the portfolio we can still edit the papers but only up to when the work will be graded.


  13. imaspookyghost says:

    Riddles about riddles
    funny jokes
    Core values of the course
    annotated bibliography directions
    3 short arguments include 2, all feedback and improvements are in the rewrite, the first draft is there for comparison to demonstrate progression.
    visual rhetoric
    annotated bib
    reflective statement
    research position argument – contains its own references list.
    surveys and rate my professor.


  14. comatosefox says:

    Riddles can be very clever and simple, for example “Did you hear about the girl missing her left side of her body? Don’t worry she’s all right now.”
    Make sure to keep up with Portfolio deadlines, 12/7 make sure to get everything in there for Tuesday, Portfolio check.
    Portfolio must include;
    Research Position Paper, Annotated Bibliography, Visual Rhetoric Rewrite and Self-Reflective Statement. As well as two of the three; Definition Rewrite plus the original Definition Argument, Causal Rewrite plus the original Causal Argument or Rebuttal Rewrite plus the original Rebuttal Argument
    Go revise as much as possible, there is time and you need to get. Be mindful of how much you write in your bibliography.
    After everything is verified you can still edit and you better cause you will need it.


  15. zipemup1 says:

    Today we began our day with a few jokes. We stared with a two different knock knock jokes that displayed different tones. One was a short joke and the other went on for a while. There is something we can take from the jokes to incinerate into our wring to improve. We want to be short and to the point. We also have two assignments due before class 12/7. We will also go over our portfolio on that day.


  16. -Both versions of the knock knock joke are really absurd and funny for different reasons. Version one cuts right to the chase and flat out questions if death being at the door really matters. Version two rights a whole freaking paragraph to get to the point.
    -In your overall paper, you want to transition your 3000 words smoothly rather than them having separate introductions.
    -For the self reflective paper, you want to explain how you met each of the 5 core values.
    -The descriptions for each source in the bibliography should not only be very specific, but the article and the annotations should match each other.
    -The annotated bibliography is due on Tuesday and the Self Reflective Statement is also due on Thursday which is also when the Portfolio Check is.


  17. giants19 says:

    -Today class began with a riddle and a few jokes.
    -The point was that we can incorporate humor into our writing in order to ease the tension and connect with our audience.
    -We then reviewed what our references section should look like. We need to use APA format.
    -We then were introduced to the Reflective Statement assignment, which is pretty much just our interpretation of the five core values. Each paragraph should be roughly 125 words and should include a link to one of our assignments.
    -We also went over what our Bibliography should look like, which is due on the 25th. We can make use of websites such as MyBib or EasyBib in order to help us.
    -We were then introduced to a new category known as Grade Please.
    -For the end of class, we reviewed what our portfolio should look like when we submit it.


  18. rowanstudent6 says:

    -Riddle: There is a proper way to right based on the situation
    -Riddle: Transition needed between paragraphs
    -Riddle: Rhetorical approaches are dependent on the argument
    -Riddle: Review sequencing of arguments (Likely going to be DCR)
    -Joke: What is a patriot’s favorite football team? NYCFC
    -Annotated Bibliography: Adapt white paper into more professional format
    -Annotated Bibliography: Understand how to use your sources and how to properly explain what your source is attempting to prove
    -Annotated Bibliography: Understand what is important about a source
    -Annotated Bibliography: Use this assignment to revisit sources
    -Reflective Statement: Review examples


  19. tristanb50 says:

    -persuasive essays can be sequenced in any order
    -don’t include parenthetical author annotations in any revised essay
    -annotated bibliographies need APA notations, links to sources, and thorough summary including how you used it
    -reflective statement templates can be found on the blog
    Portfolio contains 8 components, all due on the 27th
    -2 first drafts
    -2 revised drafts
    -3000 word persuasive essay
    -revised visual rhetoric
    -annotated bibliography
    -reflective statement
    Conferences meet after
    Grade Levels:
    -D: doesn’t make clear claims
    -C: disconnected, unclear claims
    -B: loosely connected, reasonable claims
    -A: well-fitting, reasonable claims

    -submit course evaluations on Ratemyprofessor


  20. rowanluver29 says:

    – There can be two different versions of a joke.
    – The transition between the three different 1000-word arguments might be choppy. Make sure to use the 3000 words wisely and try to make sure everything reads as smoothly as possible.
    – No paragraph should go by without a clear explanation of what you are trying to explain/prove.
    – First draft 3000-word essay due today, bibliography due April 25
    – Course evaluation can be bias off grade age gender etc.
    – Shorten links as much as possible


  21. saycheese03 says:

    there can be two different versions of a joke

    no paragraph should go by without a clear indication of what you are trying to use your evidence on.

    5000 words of content in 3000 words

    think of annotated bibliography to revisit your source for the juice of them.

    paragraphs should be organized and contain one main idea.

    Grade please category is just for grading after feedback or when one is waiting for feedback. grades will come faster.


    shorten resource links as much as possible


  22. oatmealvibes says:

    A riddle about riddles: We listened to 2 different knock-knock jokes about death. One is straight to the point and the other one is lengthy and defeats the purpose of a knock-knock joke which makes it funny. The point is you can make an argument and completely miss the tone of it.

    Portfolio tasks: The 3000-word essay is due today, the annotated bibliography is due April 25th and the self-reflection statement is due April 27th.

    Guide to portfolio: There must be 8 pieces in the portfolio. 2 out of 3 of the short arguments should be in your portfolio. We get to choose between 2 (such as casual and rebuttal or rebuttal and definition). The visual rhetoric, annotated bibliography, 3000-word essay, and reflective statement. The portfolio is due April 27th.

    Grade levels: Grade level 1 is four paragraphs that show how to build the same paragraph better each time. This is most likely what your rewrites should be each time. Grade level 2 is four paragraphs that do the opposite of how to tone down your paragraphs as some paragraphs are too wordy, don’t make sense, or are unnecessarily lengthy.

    Class Activities: Rate my professor, the professor invites us to rate him using COMP 2 SP23 as the code.

    Make sure to review in-text citations and do them the APA way, not the MLA way.


  23. sinatraman17 says:

    We discussed the Portfolio In-Detail–

    Organizing Research Paper:
    -Don’t just copy/paste short arguments. Don’t re-introduce the topic 3 times.

    Reflective Statement:
    -Identify which argument best demonstrates each Core & provide link to it

    Annotated Bibliography:
    -Adapted from White Paper
    -Each source, “Background” & “How I USED it”

    *No Parenthetical Citations*


  24. fulcrum66 says:

    Riddle about riddles
    Knock Knock
    Whos there
    Death Who
    Does it really matter

    Your paragraphs should be organized by containing one main idea

    Your annotated bibliography will have you go over your sources in white paper and you will give more detail to them “Juicing them”

    I will remember to do so lol

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  25. Water says:

    In today’s riddle, we look at two different versions of a knock-knock joke and try to understand why the short response and the long response and how both are funny with different responses. We talked about the organization and how you should have your strongest piece of work leading the introduction and then shift to the other remaining 1000-word bodies. The annotated bibliography is basically your white paper. It should contain all your thoughts regarding the source you have and if you did choose to use the source then explain how you used it. Make links bearable and not be a paragraph long


  26. doglover846 says:

    – A joke can be told in two different ways
    – Make sure your paper isn’t too long but too short
    – Just get your point across
    – The Research Paper is due today
    – Annotated Bibliography due April 25th
    – This should be like your white paper, 10-15 sources, describe them and how you used it in your paper
    – Edit the links so they are not too long
    – Reflective Statement due April 27th
    – Check out the different grading scales
    – Post on Rate my Professor
    – FBI is not an acronym because we don’t say it like a word


  27. pinkheart84 says:

    Zoom is available for students who are absent.
    Annotated bibliography is due April 25.
    Self-reflection is due April 27.
    Mandatory Attendance for anyone who wishes to pass the course on Thursday, April 27.
    The research persuasive argument needs to show the value of research and present your thesis clearly. Persuade your audience to change their mind or take action.
    Give every portfolio item a title.
    Make Zoom meeting for end-of-semester review.
    Do not forget a title.
    Do not need parathesis after quote.


  28. sunflower0311 says:

    – Portfolio Double Check on Thursday April 27th
    – When doing your white paper people should be able to understand your thoughts and your position just by reading it.
    – This should be found in the how you used it section
    – Your Annotated Bibliography should include all references used even if you did not actually quote in your paper
    – For your reflective statement just copy and paste the outline and fill it out
    – If you’re interested in seeing what types of paragraphs make a A,b,c or d grade take a look at Grade Levels 1 and 2.
    – Feel free to post on Rate My Professor is you need a course code use Comp 2 SP23
    – Idea and Nasa are acronyms whereas FBI is not because we say the letters whereas in idea and Nasa we say them as words.
    – Don’t forget to add titles!!!
    – For your reflective statement make sure you link a piece of work that represents each core value.


    • sunflower0311 says:

      The Grade Please category is a new category for when you do not necessarily want feedback and you just want a grade.


  29. tlap23 says:

    Thursday 4/20
    We began class with a few riddles and tried to understand the funny in the different jokes
    We discussed the importance of citations in the 3,000 word paper and how to cite different arguments. Our annotated bibliography is a polished version of the white paper where our sources will be kept along with background information and how we used that source as information in our paper
    We looked at different paragraphs and what separated them from each grade level. An A worthy paper makes clear claims and transitions into a detailed persuasive argument.
    When writing the reflective statement, make sure to include a link to one of the assignments where you demonstrated that given core value.


  30. fatjoe000 says:

    -There is way to say what you mean that is appropriate to you but there are also many ways to get the tone wrong and spoil the effect of what you were going for
    -Only things that were in the cited in the 3000 word paper get referenced in the paper
    -This is different from the annotated bibliography because you put every source you put in your white paper get used
    -“How I used it” in your white paper should show your pov of the subject that you will be writing about
    -For the reflective statement you can use the copy and paste format
    -Need a title
    -A title is a good way to start your argument
    -We don’t use citations in our short arguments
    -In core value I in the reflective statement put a link to whatever you are using as an example


  31. g00dsoup says:

    A Riddle About Riddles: My joke:
    There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count and those who can’t.

    3000 Word Research Paper:
    -This paper is an argument
    -This paper complies work of the entire semester
    -This paper shows evidence of significant research
    -This paper meets the minimum 3000-word requirement
    -This paper achieves high standards of academic integrity
    – This paper includes a references section

    Due date: 04.20.23

    Annotated Bibliography:
    -Adapt for White Paper
    -Max number of sources for White Paper: 15
    -List the source (author, title(link URL in the title), website/book title/article title, date published, date accessed)
    -Background of the article (a paragraph)
    -Explain how you used the article in your research paper (even if the article never found its way in your final research paper) (a paragraph)
    -Publish the Annotated Bib in the Bibliography category and our Username category as well as our Portfolio category

    Due date: 04.25.23 (11:59 pm 04.24.23)

    Self Reflective Statement:
    -Core Value 1: “Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.”
    -Core Value 2: “Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.”
    -Core Value 3: “Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.”
    -Core Value 4: “Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.”
    -Core Value 5: “Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.”
    -For each statement, write a 125-word explanation of how you met the goal.
    -Publish the Self Reflective Statement in the Reflective category, our Username category, and our Portfolio category
    – ** “Link your self-reflective comments to your own essays when you cite them specifically to prove your case that you achieved the course goals.” **

    -Link back to one of your original posts on the blog

    Due date: 04.27.23 (11:59 pm 04.26.23)
    *Last item for Portfolio*

    Grade levels (examples shown through a paragraph):
    D: No clear claims
    C: Poorly connected unclear or contradictory claims
    B: Unconnected but reasonable declarations
    A: Reasonable claims, nicely transitioned to guide reader through a persuasive argument

    Evaluation Tool: IDEA (will go over in class 04.25.23), Rate My Professor is available for another source of an evaluation

    Other Notes:
    -Don’t forget a title
    -Review in-text citations
    ( “They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a Quotation, Paraphrase, or Summary.”)


    -Make Separate posts for Short Arguments (ask for feedback on the rewrites)

    -Next week is the last week of classes
    -Final conferences will be held 05.01.23-05.03.23 (we will be allowed to schedule once our portfolio has been reviewed and verified by Professor)

    Grade please category: If we want to have our re-graded without feedback, this is where we’d put our assignments in.


  32. mellowtacos says:

    If you are unable to attend class zoom links are available

    —Knock knock joke about death

    Version 1 is funny because it’s quick to point out a universal absurdity.
    Version 2 is funny because it gets the tone of a knock-knock joke so spectacularly wrong.

    The Point is…
    there is a way to say what you mean that is perfectly appropriate to your intentions, but there are many ways to get the tone all wrong and spoil the effect you were going for

    You do this by
    — falling for ready-made language
    — by overwriting what could be written simply.

    Portfolio Task: 3000-word Researched Persuasive Argument DUE THU APR 20

    Portfolio Task: Annotated Bibliography DUE DATE TUE APR 25

    Let’s Review the status of White Papers Portfolio Task: Self-Reflective Statement DUE DATE THU APR 27

    PORTFOLIO DOUBLE-CHECK In Class THU APR 27 Mandatory Attendance for anyone who wishes to pass the course.

    *make sure you are meeting all the requirements for you essay
    —properly cited (most pages will have 10 sources) (will be concerned if it is shorter than 7 sources)

    —Cite your source (put the link behind the title)
    —underneath, summarize the most important information from that source. (it doesn’t have to be long just contain really clear information)
    — put in your portfolio

    *if you can’t find evidence for exactly what you are looking for you need to find information to help you explain what you were looking for

    *do not do (pauwels, 2023), instead include the name in your sentence to give credit

    A new category: GRADE PLEASE
    If you would like a new grade and not so much new feedback place it in grade please instead.


  33. inspireangels says:

    Portfolio tasks
    – Research Persuasive 3000 Essay: Due 04/20
    – Only things that are cited by name work their way into the reference paper,
    only resources your readers will be looking for

    – Annotated Bibliography: 04/25
    – Place in resources that you used the most for your research even if it wasn’t entirely used on your research paper

    – Self-Reflective Statement: 04/27
    – When doing self-reflective statements, we need to place them in one of the writing assignments that we are referring to

    – Portfolio Double-Check: 04/27

    Review Citations:
    – DO NOT use parenthetical citations
    – When using citations, the citation needs to include the Author or Title or Publication, said thing, and either be paraphrased a quotation or summary


  34. gobirds115 says:

    Class Notes 4/20:

    -There can be 2 different versions of a joke
    -Make sure when constructing the 3000 word paper, your transitions from each 1000 word paper flow and make sense in regards to the transition of the argument.
    – Make sure to clarify what you’re talking about and what you’re proving in each paragraph, don’t leave your readers confused and trying to put pieces together on their own.
    – Draft 1 of our research paper is due today
    – The annotated bibliography is due Tuesday 4/25
    – Course Evaluation may have bias based on your demographic and experience with the class
    – Keep links short, use tiny url if possible or re-title the links using the control k feature.


  35. chickennugget246 says:

    A Riddle About Riddles: there is usually a way to say what you mean that is perfectly appropriate to your intentions, sometimes more than one, but always many ways to get the tone all wrong and spoil the effect you were going for, usually by falling for ready-made language or by overwriting what could be written simply.

    Within our white paper, the part that states “How I Intend To Use It” should contain an argument.

    Professor Hodges would hate a 5,000 word essay and would be very disappointed by a 1,000 word essay. So, make the essay 3,000 words of argument. If you are having trouble narrowing it down to 3,000 words, that means you’re doing it right.

    Put in the “References” section only the sources that the readers will be looking for within our arguments. The annotated bibliography can contain any citations that we have conducted throughout the course of our research (we should put the 15 most useful sources).

    The “opinion declaring” in our white paper should also show up in our arguments, if not, then we’re doing something wrong.

    In order to receive a good grade in this course, we must provide reasonable claims to guide the readers through our arguments.


    In-text citations need a title, author, or publication, said language, and a quotation, paraphrase, or summary.

    DO NOT put parentheses after the sentence (after citing).

    When we cite our source, hide the link behind the title.

    For every argument, we need an unimproved first draft, and then a well improved second draft. Only ask for feedback on the rewrite, and revise only the rewrite version. The original version (the first draft) remains untouched.

    Entries in the reflective statement should contain a link to one of our posts. Put the link to the post that you think best demonstrates the core value listed.

    There is a new category called the Grade Please Category. For students still waiting for feedback, or who don’t particularly want interference from their beloved professor, just a Grade, Please, this category will get you what you want without spin.


  36. Shazammm says:

    I missed a quarter of the class so here are the takeaways I got from today’s lecture:

    Parenthetical citations are useless in our research papers. Properly cite our sources in our annotated bibliographies.

    Ask for a grade in the grade please category. That way, we know what grade we currently have in the course.

    Our research papers must be 3,000 words. Revise your arguments before the portfolio is due.

    Annotated bibliographies are due April 25.


  37. blueee04 says:

    Today, we went over the due dates of portfolio task that are coming up soon. Next week is our last chance to get everything in because the Portfolio will be due. Im excited to put all the arguments together and see all of the sources i’ve gathered used as evidence to support my point. I think I’ve done well with supporting my argument throughout this semester. I think I’ve learned a lot and have advanced in my work.


  38. gracchusbabeuf says:

    Brief note: I forgot to upload this yesterday. My apologies!

    Today’s riddle for the start of class was a riddle about riddles. It presents two knock-knock jokes about death, both of which are absurd and create humor through their initial failure to do so. A joke that is absurd, or makes one groan, and somehow wraps around from being awful to funny again.

    The professor covered the 3000 research paper for the end of the semester. He advised students to think during their revision process of how to fit a 5000 word essay into 3000 words, rather than seeking to stretch 1000 words into 3000. The first draft was already due, but the advice is good for those (like the author) who have yet to complete their draft, and those who are moving on to revisions. The author of this post fears he has bitten off more than he can chew, but will try to present a paper that makes a compelling argument in a mere 3000 words, rather than spending too much time in the jungle of historical context.

    The professor further addressed the annotated bibliography and the self-reflective statement, the final two assignments before the portfolio is submitted. The details of the assignments and some advice was offered.


  39. clevelandbrown03 says:

    Earth at one point was called the blue marble.
    The atmosphere of Earth is so thin that you have to trace it with a thin marker.
    Constellations only exist to us.
    Everything can be considered an argument.
    No gray argument, what’s the opposite of a sneaker?


  40. clevelandbrown03 says:

    We also talked about our portfolios and everything we need to have in them.
    We talked about having 5,000 words and putting them in 3,000 words instead of having 1,000 words and trying to stretch them to 3,000 words.


  41. pinkmonkey32 says:

    – there are many versions to a joke
    – the combination of all three essays can be rough so just try and make sure yours flow together nicely
    – make sure you are clear and brief in all paragraphs
    – Research Paper due today
    – Annotated Bibliography due April 25th
    –course evaluations should be based upon the class and the quality of the teacher not based on your bias of gender, race, ect.
    – bide links within the titles of your sources
    -Annotated Bibliography should be mostly done on your white paper, just adjust your information to fit the format.
    -clearly state how you used your sources and what the sources were about
    -show what was so important about this source for your paper and why it grabbed your attention
    -start reflective statement and look at previous examples to help you write yours.


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