A11 Causal Rewrite- Belldere

The fact that 72 percent of professors teaching at American universities are liberals and only 15 percent are conservatives is outrageous. With American professors being three times more liberal than normal, it is evident that more professors will persuade liberalism and others will intentionally indoctrinate students. This affects our generation in many ways. Some examples are, teachers fail to adequately challenge liberal undergraduates, which results in leaving many of them unprepared for the real world, and it leaves conservative students afraid to express their beliefs in the classroom because of the professor failing them for not conforming.

With liberal teachers teaching a class it fails to adequately challenge liberal undergraduates. As Doren explains it, “Being a liberal was easy, my professors rewarded me for agreeing with their political views, and I felt morally superior on the Political Left. Since I rarely listened to anyone who differed with me politically, I assumed all intelligent people were liberals too.” By thinking like this, it doesn’t challenge their knowledge. It also leaves them unprepared for the real world because not everyone is a liberal and if we don’t listen to other people’s ideas then we wouldn’t be able to properly work in groups. In any job setting one has to be able to work with other workers and if someone can’t do that then they aren’t prepared for the real world.

When professors indoctrinate conservative students with liberalisms, conservatives fear going against the professor’s word. They fear liberal professors will fail them for having a different belief and not conforming to liberalism. If more teachers are liberals, there will be more liberal talk throughout the school and in the classrooms leaving students unable to preach their beliefs. If a professor believes in certain things and a student doesn’t, it could cause problems in the classroom ultimately leaving the student to fail, to fear being failed or to be inadequately challenged.


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