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White Paper 1st draft- Jasrielle2

Music without lyrics helps your focus better than music with lyrics. Many different people use music as a way to calm down and focus on doing things such as cleaning, work, as well as exercise. The topic I am addressing … Continue reading

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White Paper—tlap

Working Hypothesis: The act of FOMO, the fear of missing out, is not a new psychological phenomenon that has been created by social media, but something that is almost impossible to identify because of its inevitable occurrence in an individual’s … Continue reading

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White Paper – music0392

Hypothesis: TikTok is improving popular music rather than degrading it with its trends. I will be researching how TikTok allows multiple styles of music and smaller artists to flourish where they couldn’t on radio. Source 1:  Background: This article … Continue reading

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White Paper – anonymous9845

Working Hypothesis – In my paper, I will be researching why getting rid of letter grades will improve student engagement, learning, and confidence. I’ll mainly focus my research to studies and schools that might have already made this switch. Source … Continue reading

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White Paper – cherries267

Working Hypothesis – For my research paper i will be researching why certain mental and physical illnesses have the option of assisted suicide and others don’t. My research will be in what medical professionals believe is valid for assisted suicide … Continue reading

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White Paper – Charlieclover

Hypothesis –Excessive use of social media by teenagers negatively impacts their mental health and should be monitored to prevent unsafe use with the potential for physical and emotional harm. It would be a waste of energy trying to keep kids … Continue reading

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White Paper – Anonymous123

Hypothesis Pre-game rituals for athletes will overall improve the way you will perform. References Background: The articles goes over how superstitious rituals can optimize performance as they also use psychology consultancy to assess players and their rituals. How I intend … Continue reading

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White Paper – Senpai Pio

I wanted to focus on the idea that males are often mistreated, misunderstood, and overlooked when it comes to most issues. I wanted to show overlooked struggles of men not only mentally but also physically. I wanted to show how … Continue reading

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White Paper- PitAndThePendulum

Working Hypothesis For my research essay I will examine the conditions under which small businesses (specifically, bookstore) survive or fail. As the traditional bookshop is few and far between, one can reasonably assume that the rise of online bookselling (ex: … Continue reading

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White Paper- Fatjoe

Hypothesis: Sports psychology and life coaching can help athletes learn stress management techniques such as relaxation techniques, visualization, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to reduce stress and anxiety which can help them to avoid turning to substances as a coping mechanism Background: … Continue reading

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