Causal- Saycheese

I could use some help getting started on my casual argument if it isn’t a problem professor. Thank you.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    “The Pursuit of Happiness Makes Us Happy”
    The closest you come to Defining happiness in your Definition argument, SayCheese is in this section: “the ‘good life’ is using one’s strengths to stay engaged with what they are doing. The ‘Meaningful Life’ is putting your time and effort towards others rather than oneself. People who give to charity feel better about themselves and feel more accomplished than those who don’t.” The rest of your argument (and much of this little section, too) is Causal. You describe things people DO to MAKE THEMSELVES happy, which is to say, you name the CAUSES of happiness. But you still don’t identify what happiness is. I suggest that you swap titles for your arguments. Call that first bit of essay writing your Causal Argument, and then get back to work on your Definition Argument to tell us what you mean by the term. Is sensory pleasure happiness? Is having a sense of purpose happiness? Is hopeless struggle against indifference or injustice happiness? Let’s get specific. I eat a hamburger; am I happy? Well . . . 1) I haven’t eaten in a week; 2) It’s lunchtime and I haven’t missed a meal for a year; 3) It’s a good burger from a local restaurant; 4) It’s the same burger, but I’m used to fine dining; 5) It’s the same burger, but I got it on a two-fer; 6) It’s the same burger, but I’m sharing it with my girlfriend; 7) It’s the same burger, but I prefer my burgers well-done; 8) It’s the same burger, but my girlfriend just died; and so on. Does any situation make me happy? Does the burger make me happy? Does my situation make me enjoy or not enjoy the burger? Is the burger completely irrelevant to my happiness? Is EVERYTHING completely irrelevant to my happiness? Can we describe happiness AT ALL by referring to external circumstances? How would YOU define it without saying what CAUSES it?

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  2. saycheese03 says:

    I think I understand, I should be describing what the feeling is that people get from all of those causes I was explaining before. also, should I change the whole title of the essay to causal?


    • davidbdale says:

      It doesn’t matter how handle the mechanics of the transfer, SayCheese. Either re-name your Definition post Causal and then start a new Definition argument . . . or Copy and paste the causal paragraphs from your Definition argument into this Causal post and then radically revise your DefArg.

      Either way, watch out that the resulting posts are in the right Categories. 🙂


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