A family of four leaves their house. The two parents have a lot of stuff in their hands…many bags, a stroller (that appears to double as a “backpack”), snacks for their children, thermoses (could they contain coffee? Water?), stuffed animals. They could be going on a family outing together and it appears they’ll be traveling for a while. The children are relatively young. The little girl standing by her father looks five. She is seen with a smile on her face as her parents are walking out the house. The youngest child…he looks about a year old. Both parents look ready to tackle the long journey ahead. The mother flips her hair back as they walk to (supposedly) their car. She seems confident about something. The father is talking to his daughter, who is fiddling around with the toys the father is holding. As he talks to his daughter, it appears he has something else in his hand. It looks like a bagel…did he not have enough time to eat? Maybe they thought they were late? While the mother looks very confident, the father doesn’t seem to have had time to pack things away properly.

The daughter fiddles too much with the toys her father is holding. She appeared to be ahead of the family…she seems excited for whatever this family has planned. It became so out of control that she pulled the items the father was carrying right off of his arms, throwing the family into utter chaos as a result. The mother tries to help, but must hold her son. The bags fall but the father catches them before they hit the ground. The parents appear distressed.


Despite the chaos, the father is still trying to eat his bagel. Now the parents look like they’re in a hurry to get to their car. Some of the items have fallen to the ground and despite the distress the father and mother are in, the daughter is smiling like she’s on top of the world. When they arrive to the car, the daughter let’s all of her stuff drop to the ground. The mother puts her drink on top of the car and then the car doors open so the father can help their daughter in the car and the mother can put their son in the car.

The father is now buckling in their daughter to her car seat. The daughter is now eating something…perhaps they got another bagel? She’s picking it at rather than biting it whole like her father did.
Once she is buckled in, the daughter starts to shake a bowl that looks like it is filled with Rice Krispies and she is making a mess everywhere. We then see the mother buckling in their son to his car seat. We get a close up of the seat buckle being buckled with both the son and the daughter

The family is no longer on the screen. There is no a blue screen with a website, In addition to this website, there are four images. A car seat (for an infant), a booster seat for a toddler, a booster seat for an older child, and just a seat belt. (There are also seat belts with the previous car seats pictured)

Video I used

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