Visual Rewrite – Fulcrum66

0:00-0:01 The beginning shot shows a family of four walking away from a brick building that could possibly be their home. The two older individuals who could be the parents have their hands filled with childcare items. The man is carrying a stroller and some bags while the women carry bags and her child.

0:01-0:02 We see more of a house structure form behind them when the camera frame expands. The family continues to walk away from the building and their faces contain joyful expressions as they all look at one another.

0:02-0:03 The camera zooms in on the women’s face as she makes a happy facial expression. Her black hair flows in the wind as she walks still holding her child and bags. Her eyes are wide open, and she has a calming grin on her face.

0:04 The video frame expands back out to all of the family members walking away from the building. All of their still have not changed and all of them still seem content with the situation they are in.

0:050:06 Suddenly the video frame zooms in to the little girl who is walking next to the man. She begins to yank on a link of plastic rings which is connected to the bag the man is carrying. This incident causes the bag to pull towards the little girl which causes the man to lose balance of the items he’s holding, and the stroller falls from his back. The little girl smiles at her father’s suffering and probably finds it funny.

0:07 We see the women’s reaction to the stroller falling the stroller falling when the camera zooms in and her eyes widen and mouth drops. Unlike her daughter she feels bad for the man’s suffering.

0:08-0:09 As they continue to walk more chaos follows with the women having to fix her hold on the child she is carrying. As she fixes her grip, she has a distressed facial expression, and the child seems on fazed but the quick change. The then loses hold of what he is carrying and slowly loses his grip on the bags he is holding. Both man and women originally had happy facial expressions but now they seem distressed.

0:10-0:12 The man and women continue to walk with the children and seeming happy after almost dropping all of their belongings. The man continues to be getting pulled by the little girl and even tries navigating eating while being pulled. He is now in a state of distress when all he wants to do is finish eating.

0:13 The camera zooms in on the shoes of the man which are brown leather shoes. His feet shuffle and this might be due to the load he is carrying.

0:14 Due to the load he is carrying the man falls behind and the rest of the group continues forward. He looks at them for help, but they keep walking forward.

0:15-0:16 This frame shows the group walking up to a car and proceed to get into the car with all of their belongings. Before getting into the car the women place her drink on top of the car to make it easier to place the child, she was holding into the car.

0:17 The man is one side of the car and helps the little girl into the car and on the other side the women do the same thing with the child she is holding.

0:18-0:20 The man assists the little girl with buckling her seat after helping her get into the car. She smiles and holds a little bowl with what seems to be some form of cereal. Then we get a zoom in of the man clicking the seat belt together.

0:210:22 All of a sudden, the little girl erupts and starts throwing around the bowl of cereal as the man is helping her. He has a terrified expression on his face due to the confusion and chaos of the event. As the little girl throws around the cereal, she finds amusement from it and smiles wide.

0:23-0:24 On the other side the women have an a seemingly easy time buckling the child and does not show any signs of being distressed.

0:25-0:30 The video concludes with no more actual visuals of the family. A screen then appears with a blue background with symbols of different kinds of cars seats and how the seat belt works on them. The name NHTSA is displayed on the bottom of the screen, and this is the company that created this advertisement.

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