i learned properly quoting in an essay and going in chronilogical order in order to make a good flowing essay. Still have to work on grammer and researching the topics better . Putting them in order has been a struggle for me. Still reading a lot and will have my computer up today to beable to work on this more .

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  1. davidbdale says:

    OK, Eagles.
    Couple things.
    1. If this is your Class Notes, they’re lost in the middle of the ocean without a paddle.
    They belong in a Reply to today’s Agenda.
    2. You didn’t Categorize this post. (See the link below your post that says, “You Forgot to Categorize!” That means that if I don’t see this immediately, while it’s in the Recent Posts menu of the sidebar, I’ll never see it, grade it, consider it.
    3. I don’t understand your Notes. The comment about chronological order relates to nothing we discussed today. I have no idea what you mean by “grammar and researching the topics” or “putting them in order.”
    Please copy-and-paste these Notes as a Reply to today’s Agenda:
    Consider revising them when you do.


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