Do Tom’s Shoes Really Help People?

It seems counterintuitive that Tom’s Shoes does not provide a free pair of shoes for people in need.

Tom’s Shoes is a company that is supposed to help people in need of shoes. A recent study shows that Tom’s Shoe’s has donated over a million shoes and the company is growing exponentially. Now people are wondering if these shoes are actually helping. An expert wrote that, “Only the people on the ground know what’s actually necessary; those of us in the rest of the world can only guess.” Which is stating that shoes may not help out people in other countries and we aren’t doing enough. Is it truly possible to provide a country with supplies that will help out their country entirely? No, but Tom’s Shoes and other buy one give one companies are a great start.

Is Walmart Really Going Organic and Local?

It seems counterintuitive that Walmart sells more organic produce than supermarkets.

Recent studies show that Walmart is selling 18% of all groceries bought in the Unites States, which is a lot more than other companies. Walmart, which is known for its wide variety of assortments, is now going organic by nearly putting $400 million annually into locally grown produce. If Walmart is able to invest in turning their stores organic why can’t our actual supermarkets do the same?

Is Walmart Really Going Organic and Local?

It seems counterintuitive that Walmart is selling more organic produce than some supermarkets.

Walmart recently have been making changes to their company, and is beginning to buy locally grown produce. But how much of their produce is actually locally grown? According to a grocery expert, Walmart is focussing more on milk and baby food, non produce items. Walmart isn’t even able to give people an actual percentage of how much of their produce is actually organic. A grocery expert believed that Walmart may only sell 2% of organic produce. This organic push does not seem to be affecting the total outcome in Walmart’s standing between other actual grocery stores. Who’s to say they have no went organic at all.

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