Claims- gobirds115

Section 1:

“Brannan Vines has never been to war”

The above claim is a factual claim due to the fact that they make a statement about a clear action the someone has or hasn’t done. This can’t be counter argued or debated because either you have or haven’t been to war. This is a fact which is why it’s a factual claim.

” she’s got a warrior’s skills”

The above claim is an analogy claim. An analogy claim is when you make a claim comparing something to something else using analogies like metaphors, similes, etc. An analogy claim is used here by comparing Brannan’s skillset to that of a warriors.

 “crazy-person behavior”

The above claim could potentially be considered as an evaluative claim. Reasons this could be considered as an evaluative claim are because she is being characterized or evaluated as a crazy person based on her actions/behaviors. And an evaluative claim is when someone/something is judged based upon a particular situation and a claim is made. This certainly fits the mold for an evaluative claim.

“Being too cognizant of every sound”

The above claim could potentially be a comparative claim. Reasons this could be a comparative claim is because we can assume the description of being “too cognizant” is opposed to a normal expectancy of how cognizant someone should be. Therefore she is being compared to the rest of people based on how cognizant she is to sounds and claimed “too cognizant”.

“Her nose starts running she’s so pissed”

The above claim could be classified as a casual claim. Is her nose actually running because she’s so pissed? Maybe, but it could be running for a multitude of factors. But the author is claims its because she’s pissed. A casual claim is when someone makes a claim without applying too much context and uses basic judgement to make their claim. That’s what we’re seeing in this claim.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    All very sound conclusions. Wordy as heck, but sound. 🙂


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