Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – Lunaduna

0:00 – 0:03

The video starts with an African American family holding lots of baby stuff exiting a house, which the audience believes is theirs. The family seems to be in a rush exiting the house with nothing organized. The mother is carrying juice in one hand, while the other is holding a child. The father has a bunch of toys in his hands and a stroller, while the other child is right behind him.
It seems to me this family is rushing out of the house to go somewhere. The house they are walking out of is most likely theirs with the number of toys the family is seen carrying.
The parents are also seen looking up to the left, but it is unknown what exactly they are examining. The faces of both parents indicate that they are exhausted, even though they had just exited the house. Although, the kids seem to be happy or excited.

The shot is viewed from a lower perspective, but not on the ground.

0:04 – 0:09

The video continues as the parents struggle to hold all of the supplies. The older toddler begins to tug on one of the toys in the father’s arm, begging him to hurry up. The father starts to lose his grip on the supplies he is carrying but did not drop a single item. Of course, now the mother begins to struggle with everything she is holding. The mother begins to try and help the father hold on to all of the supplies while keeping all of the stuff in her hands from falling.

0:09 – 0:14

The struggle continues as the parents try to gather all the toys and their children to where they are walking. The father is now trying to snack on a bagel while continuing to carry all of the supplies. The father also had to grab a stuffed animal since he dropped it on the ground.

0:14 – 0:21

The family finally makes it to the car. The mother places her drink on the top of the car, to have another hand to help get the kids seated in the car. The father is buckling the older child, while the mother is handling the younger one. The father starts to have a relieved look on his face that the kids are finally in their seats.

0:21 – 0:24

The next scene shows the older child in the car seat tossing food, which looks like cereal, into the air with a smile on their face. The father is starting to look frustrated. The camera then shows the mother on the other side of the car buckling in the younger child.

One of the children is facing the front of the car and the other child, younger, is facing the rear of the car.

The last scene of the video shows the family is finally ready to hit the road.

0:24 – 0:26

After those moments, the screen turns blue and the logo for the NHTSA appears. It is a car commercial about the safety of your children. The whole video depicts that even in the crazy moments in life, the car seats will protect your family whenever you need them.

Link: Child Car Safety | I Come Correct :30 – YouTube

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