Visual Rhetoric- friendoftacos


The first frame that is on the screen a still shot over top of a film production set, with text over top of the image. The set that is in the shot has two leather chairs, a rug, a lamp, a blue background that is hung up, and professional lighting that is hung above the shot. The text overtop of this image says “Some young adults are not ready to get the Covid-19 vaccine.”


The next shot is a side angle of a man sitting on one of the leather chairs on the set. He is talking about the vaccine and looks concerned. Then camera cuts to the other side of the set and has an angle on the other chair where there is another man sitting there. The other man says something in response to the first man and looks like he genuinely cares about what the first man is saying.


The camera cuts to a wide shot of both of the men in the frame. The men are siting in the leather chairs on set turned towards each other and having a conversation about the vaccine. The first man is skeptical of the vaccine.


The shot continues to cut to the side angles of the men in the chairs when they are speaking. The camera also continues to throw in the shot of both of the men in the frame between the side angle shots. One man keeps explaining his passion to the other man about getting the vaccine. He looks very concerned and sounds emotional when he speaks. The other man questions his friend and is very skeptical of him and his opinions.


The one man is urging his friend to get the vaccine and is becoming emotional. He does not want the other man to die. The shot lingers on this man as his eye become watery and the slow piano music kicks in. The other man is affected by his friend’s concern for his life and he seems to relax and start to see the situation from his friends point of view.


The camera changes to a shaky hand held shot and shows both of the men coming together in a hug. Their conversation fades out as the piano music increase in volume. Words appear over their hug saying “Let’s make an informed decision. Together.” The words “I love you.” are spoken by both men while they are patting each other in a hug.


The last frame is a still shot of the set with the chairs empty now. The website “” is in text over this frame.

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