Visual Rhetoric-Levixvice

Visual Rhetoric: Ad Council–Textual Harassment

00:01-00:6 Girl sleeps on her bed even when the morning sun shines, but before anything else, her life-sized phone turned on and began talking to her, which she completely ignores and returns to sleep as if she doesn’t want to hear any of it being annoyed from the phone speaking something.

00:10-00:14 The girl is with her family eating breakfast, but her body posture is slumped and frowning while her phone lights up and talks to her again. 

0:24 At the school gym, her phone lights up again while she stands emotionless next to the ledge, and two students wave, and she simply waves back with no effort as her face is frowning from what the phone is saying. 

0:26-0:30 Now what seems to be the evening with her friends in the living room watching tv or a movie. Her behavior around her friends is more cheerful until the phone lights up again and speaking to her, that makes her annoyed even more.

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