Visual Rewrite-Levixvice

Visual Rhetoric: Ad Council–Textual Harassment

00:01-00:6 Even when the morning sun shines, the girl sleeps on her bed. Surrounding her bed are a bunch of clothes, towels, and various dark to green blankets, as well as all different kinds of pillows. The door itself is only halfway opened during the video, with the focus only on the doorframe that her sleeping posture is slightly perturbed on her right side. But before anything else, her life-sized phone from the early 2000s, which was supposed to look outdated with a dull pink color during the publishing of the video created by a small group of indie developers, turned on and began talking to her through his phone screen via yellow lighting, in which the phone is looking at her to wake up from her slumber. Which she completely ignores and returns to sleep as if she doesn’t want to hear any of it, being a teenager and annoyed by the phone.

00:10–00:14 The girl is with her family eating breakfast, which is zoomed out to show the kitchen that has no lighting and is connected to where they eat, including the turned off stove and baskets of oranges, apples, and bananas separate from each other. The walls have a unique pattern, even the blue painting near where they eat, but the lighting is now centered around her family, being her brother, father, and mother, perceptively, and the round table itself. Her body posture is slumped and frowning while her phone lights up and talks to her again before turning off for a brief moment. The mother is looking at her son, and it looks like she is lecturing him, while the father is looking at something like a newspaper, it seems. When the girl is outside, she is wearing white shorts over gray leggings with sneakers, while having a plaid hoodie carrying her backpack, and the life-size phone is walking with her on the road crossing with a sign saying “do not enter.” The environment looks like it is morning, meaning she is going to school in a suburban community with trees with nothing on them. It is the fall season, with the sky somewhat of a grayish blue. The phone began speaking to her with its head toward her while she just ignored what it had to say. 

0:24 At the school gym which is zoomed out to see its also an auditorium/stage for speaking, musicals, or orchestras. Her gym outfit is a yellow shirt and black leggings with the phone sitting on the ledge while the individual on her left is wearing the same yellow shirt but with a number at the back and blue shorts. Two students are walking out from the gym believing to be the end of gym class itself onto the next class or going home. The camera then zooms in on both her and the phone which then lights up again to talk while she stands emotionless next to the ledge, and two students wave after the phone turns off, and she simply waves back with no effort as her face is frowning from what the phone is saying. 

0:26-0:30 Now what seems to be the evening with her friends, as this might be one of her friends’ houses, four are on the couch, one lying on a pillow and another sitting on the floor, wrapped in the living room watching TV or a movie, as it seems that they are laughing at something comedic with two lamps turned on from each side of the room. Her behavior around her friends is more cheerful until the phone lights up again as the camera zooms in towards its face/screen with its face changing towards a more hostile approach and speaking to her. That makes her even more annoyed by the phone trying to talk to her while she is with her friends.

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3 Responses to Visual Rewrite-Levixvice

  1. davidbdale says:

    If you want to rise to the top of the Feedback Please queue, Levix, drop me a specific Reply here describing the sort of feedback that would help you the most. Is it your Argument, your Sources, your Research technique, your Logic, your Rhetoric, your Organization, your Grammar, or something else that you’d prefer to have help with?


  2. davidbdale says:

    Let me offer you an example of what your analysis of the first second could look like, Levix.

    When the video begins, we are looking from the hallway into a girl’s bedroom. We conclude this from what we can see. The bed occupies most of the bottom of the frame. To the right, we see the door opening into the room. To the left, the somewhat battered door frame. The bed is covered with a confusion of bedclothes. The girl, who is sleeping on a profusion of pillows, several of them animal-printed, is covered with a dark blanket, but there’s also an additional green blanket toward the bottom of the bed and clothes hung on the bed post or on a chair in the middle ground. The overall impression is that the room is sloppy. The door is posted with papers, like a teenager’s room often is, funny or ironic signs warning visitors to STAY OUT or something like that. Posters inside the room complete the impression that this is a typical teenager’s room.

    The colors of the video are very washed out, and the focus is not strong. We get the clear impression that this is not a professionally-made or produced video. It looks amateurish, but we’re not sure why.

    Standing in the room with the sleeping girl is a human-sized wireless handset. More precisely, a young man appears to be standing inside a home-made portable phone costume. The style of the handset is, for 2020, old-fashioned, with big clunky number buttons and a small display screen above the keypad. This is where the boy’s head is positioned. He appears to be looking from the “screen” at the girl sleeping in the bed. It’s not threatening, just quirky and funny. We get the impression we’re looking at a comical home movie of a girl dreaming of her phone, or something similar. Maybe she’s obsessed with her phone, and this is a manifestation of her obsession.


    Do you see what’s required here, Levix? You need to describe the scene in thorough detail. Along with describing the images, you need to analyze why the director/author may have chosen this particular setting, these characters, this visual style, these costumes, and so on. Analyze BOTH the Visuals and the Rhetoric.


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