Visual Rewrite- friendoftacos


The first frame of the video I have chosen is a still frame shot. The still frame shot is filmed from a high angle looking down upon a film production set. The film production set that is in the shot has two leather chairs, a rug, a lamp, a blue background that is hung up by professional equipment, and professional lighting that is hung above the shot. There is text overtop of the above shot of the film production set. The text is in white bold letters, in the center of the image, and it says “Some young adults are not ready to get the Covid-19 vaccine.”


The next shot is a side camera angle of the film production set that is facing one of the leather chairs that is on the set. This shot is now eye level, a close up, and shot over the other chair on the set where a piece of someone else’s shoulder and head is in the bottom right corner of the shot. The man who is in frame and is sitting on the chair is talking. He is talking about the vaccine and looks concerned. The camera then cuts to the same exact shot on the other side of the set. This shot is now filmed over the shoulder of the man who was just speaking and is pointed at the other man who is sitting in the other leather chair that is on set.The man who is in the frame now says something in response to the first man and he looks like he genuinely cares about what the first man is saying about the vaccine. 


The camera cuts to a wide shot of both of the men in the frame. The men are sitting on the film production set, in the leather chairs that are turned towards each other. The men are having a conversation about the vaccine. The first man is skeptical of the vaccine. The first man makes a statement that questions the reliability of the vaccine. 


Throughout these few seconds the shots continue to cut back and forth to the over the shoulder angle of the men in the chairs when they are speaking. In between the side angle shots, there is the occasional wide angle shot where both the men are in frame sitting in the leather chairs. While these cuts between the side angle shots and the wide angle shots are happening, the men continue their conversation. After expressing his concerns about the vaccine, the first man says in the conversation to the other man “Well what do you want me to do?” This results in the other man to respond passionately and emotionally to the first man’s question. The second man explains to the first man that he wants him to get the vaccine because he cares about him and wants him to be safe. The second man looks very concerned when he speaks to the other man. 


The camera continues to only cut between the over the shoulder shots in these couple of seconds. During these next seconds, the second man says to the first man that if he were to die it would kill him. When the second man says this he is very emotional and there are visible tears on his face and the shot lingers on the second man and slow piano music begins to play.. The second man does not want the other man to die and is urging him to get the vaccine. The first man is affected by his friend’s concern for his life and he sighs, seems to relax, and starts to see the situation from his friend’s point of view. After the first man sighs, he says “If it made you feel that way bro, I’ll probably do it.”


The camera changes to a shaky hand held close up shot and shows both of the men coming together in a hug. Their conversation fades out as the piano music increases in volume. Words appear on the middle of the screen over the image of their hug. These words are in the same type as the beginning words and they say “Let’s make an informed decision. Together.” The words “I love you.” are spoken by both men while they are embraced in the hug and patting each other on their backs. 


The last frame is a still shot at eye level of the film production set. The chairs are empty now and there is no one visible on the set. Text appears over this shot and the website “” is placed in the middle of the screen.

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