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The case of animal experimentation begins with benefits for humanity, but is it morally acceptable to harm animals. From the beginning of science, the method of animal testing has always been in medical studies. However, today, people do not seem to agree with the continuation of the experiments. The true horror of animal experimentation has leaked out into the world, finally getting some backlash.

The feeling of being locked up in a cage for hours poked and prodded, animals have to live with this for their whole lives because of us. Animal experimentation is something we can stop from happening. Through day to day life, animals are torched for the sake of human health. Although, humans do not have the same physiology as animals.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    There are bold premises here, Luna, but you’re not making the most of them.
    1. You claim that animal experimentation is a horror.
    2. You claim that it amounts to lifelong torture of innocent animals.
    3. You claim that it is preventable.
    4. You claim that animal physiology is different from human physiology.

    What you don’t claim, but is implicit in 3 and 4, is that we don’t even get useful data from the practice. That should amount to a fresh and even more powerful claim.

    5. The data we gather from the horrific experiments is useless.

    Observations that can be eliminated from your Opening without loss include:
    —that animal testing has a long history
    —that some people object to it
    —that word has leaked out

    Most of what you have to say can be boldly proclaimed in a very strong Opening Sentence to replace your Rhetorical Question. Make that your goal.

    If that’s helpful, or even if it’s not, I require a response to show that you value the feedback process, Luna. Thanks!


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