Visual – PhilsFan1133

0:00-0:01 The video commences with a knight, dressed in full armor, riding a horse in an enclosed environment, surrounded by rusted metal poles. Trees, a massive mountain, and slopes of orange-brownish earth are visible in the background, indicating the viewer expects a brawl.

0:01-0:02 A second knight, also wearing full armor, is seen riding a horse in an enclosed area, with a brick wall in the background. His horse is wearing a chanfron, which suggests that the two knights are jousting against each other in a competition.

0:02-0:03 In this shot, the second knight draws a sword while still on his horse, staring at his opponent, indicating that the two knights are in the midst of a fight.

0:03-0:07 The knight lifts his sword, and his horse digs his hoof into the ground, creating a trench in the dirt, similar to how bulls perform before charging. This indicates that the horse is battle-ready and prepared to charge.

0:07-0:12 The two knights gaze at each other, and one of them pulls out his phone to message someone named Princess. The previously serious tone is lightened, perhaps intentionally, by this act.

0:12-0:18 The two knights charge at each other, one with a sword and the other with a phone. This moment is a visual metaphor that implies that the rider with the phone in his hand will lose as he is distracted and unable to fight.

0:18-0:23 The scene transitions to a black screen with white writing spelling out “Don’t Text and Ride,” which later changes to “Don’t Text and Drive.” The intention is to draw a parallel between the video and the real-life issue of texting while driving.

0:23-0:30 The writing changes to “It’s Joust Not Worth It,” the title of the video, in the final scene. The aim of this video is to promote safe driving and discourage texting while driving.

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