0:00-The video opens with a wide view of an older-looking living room. Two girls are sitting on opposite ends of a dark tan couch. The one on the left has long curly brown hair and the one on the right has straight blonde hair. They are holding their arms and legs stiffly and are looking off in opposite directions; they both look uncomfortable. The girls look to be about 17 or 18; possibly they are friends, sisters, girlfriends, or even cousins. The lighting is very yellow and nostalgic. There are many objects throughout the room, suggesting that they are in a middle-class home; it is probably one of the girl’s homes. The opening visuals suggest that there is an issue and the girls are having trouble talking about it. The lighting makes the audience feel on edge and uncomfortable and the slightly disorganized home ensures a homey, yet awkward feel. 

0:01-The video cuts to a close-up view of the brown-haired girl. The camera is pointed at an angle that shows the side of her face-it is as if it is from the perspective of the blonde-haired girl. The brown-haired girl is looking down and has a frown on her face. She looks like something is bothering her but she is not moving. This angle brings the viewer into the situation and forces them to experience the awkward interaction on a personal level.

0:03-The video cuts to a close-up of the blonde-haired girl, at a side angle, as if it was from the perspective of the brown-haired girl. She opens her mouth as she looks at the other girl like it is difficult to talk. This shot suggests that the blonde-haired girl is trying to talk to the brown-haired girl about something-perhaps she is not the one experiencing the issue, but she wants to help the other girl work through it. Once again, the camera angle makes the audience feel present in the moment.

0:05-The camera angle goes back to a wide view, as it was at the start of the video. The blonde-haired girl shuts her mouth and the girls are still sitting awkwardly. Suddenly, a man rises out of the couch cushions between the two girls. He is wearing a turtleneck that is close to the same color as the couch. Immediately, his presence adds comedy to the situation and breaks some of the awkwardness looming in the space. The girls do not seem to notice the new person, so this leads us to believe that he is an external presence that is commenting on the situation.

0:09: The next scene is of two men in a hot tub at what seems to be a spa. The lighting is red and more light than in the first scene. The men also look uncomfortable. Perhaps these people are brothers, boyfriends, friends, etc. The camera angle is a similar wide shot from the front. This allows the viewers to see the situation in all of its awkwardness. The same man from before suddenly rises out of the hot tub, once again, releasing the tension of the scene and adding some comedy.

0:10-The next scene is another wide shot of two men standing next to each other using urinals. It looks like they are in a high school bathroom or locker room. They are dressed in football uniforms, suggesting that they are friends and teammates. The audience cannot see their faces but the overall situation is awkward, so we still get the feeling of the scene. The man in the turtleneck is standing between them, barely squeezed in. He has a big smile on his face, which shows that he does not find the situation uncomfortable. The football players do not notice him. This leads us to believe that the man in the turtleneck represents awkwardness.

0:11-The next shot is an overhead view of a man and a woman naked lying next to each other in bed. They look to be in a home; the bed looks fairly basic and there are bedside tables on each side of the bed. It is clear that they just had sex, probably for the first time, considering their body language. They glance at each other and then look up at the ceiling, which is the angle that the camera is at. They are both clearly awkward after what just happened. The man in the turtleneck is lying between them but he does not look awkward at all; he has a smirk on his face. The angle allows the viewers to have a personal perspective of the situation.

0:13-The video goes back to the hot tub scene but this time the view is zoomed in on the man in the turtleneck as he talks. It then skips to the scene of the girls on the couch, where the camera is still zoomed in on the man in the middle. He talks and points to the blonde-haired girl. This shows the audience that he is addressing the situation.

0:18-The next shot is another wide view of the girls on the couch, but the man is not sitting between them anymore. The camera zooms to the side view of the blond-haired girl and she looks at the brown-haired girl and reluctantly starts talking to her. This is a sweet moment and you can tell that the blond-haired girl cares about the other girl and wants to talk about what is on her mind.

0:22-The angle switches to the side of the brown-haired girl. She shakes her head and looks down, finally responding to her friend. The viewers can feel the tension release a bit.

0:24-The man in the turtleneck is sitting in a chair in the room and gives a thumbs up, as if to say, “My work here is done”. The video ends on a light note and the awkward feeling that was present at the start has now been released a bit. The overall message that is communicated by the visuals in the video is that uncomfortable situations can be solved if people talk to each other and express what is on their minds. It is important to be honest and open in situations that are not always easy to handle. Check in with the people you care about and make sure they are doing ok, especially when they seem on edge or unsure of a situation.

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