Visual Rewrite – comatosefox

The entire video is a drawn animation, so the image changes slightly each frame. This overall animation style fits well with the videos main message for Alzheimer’s awareness. A constantly moving picture can be very confusion for someone with Alzheimer’s to be able to recognize something.

0:00 – 0:02

The first two seconds are a coffee cup like the ones in diners everywhere, getting filled by a teapot spout. 

0:02 – 0:04

The camera moves up to reveal a woman around middle age sitting at the table behind the teacup. She looks up from the teacup to something standing slightly above her, she has a loving look as she has one hand on her face as her elbow rests on the table. The camera pauses for a moment centered at face level.

0:04 – 0:07

The camera moves to a wide shot revealing another older woman (most likely the first woman’s mother) standing in front of the table. She is holding a teapot with both hands facing her daughter, (who is sitting with her legs crossed at a table with two chairs). As the mother turns to face the camera her daughter sits up and gives off an attentive feeling as she watches her mother start to walk towards the right side of the camera.

0:07 – 0:08

The camera turns with her as she passesand we she walks into a kitchen the counters and islands are drawn into existence. The corner of the kitchen is in the middle of the screen and spans the entire screen.

0:08 – 0:13

The kitchen compresses itself and shifts, the island that is located at the bottom of the screen moves towards the center of the screen and attaches itself to the right counter and squares of the right side of the counter. The left side compresses slightly inward as cupboards above are erased along with the hanging lights which are replaced with triangular ones. This gives us an insight to how someone would feel when they walk into a room, something doesn’t feel right, it becomes something and somewhere else. They begin to freak out or panic as they feel like they are no longer in a safe place.

0:13 – 0:17

The camera zooms in on her head from top of the shoulders up (her face goes from happy to slightly scared and confused), and begins to spin around her head. A ring of four keys that spread out in every direction like a compass crosses in front of her face from right to left in front of the camera. Her focus follows the keys until they are off screen, as we also see a toothbrush cross from left to right behind her and disappears from behind her head.

0:17 – 0:18

The camera pauses on her face as she looks towards the left of the camera, slightly above. She continues to look slightly scared and confused.

0:19 – 0:22

The camera zooms slightly out enough to see she is still holding onto the teapot with both hands, she is standing towards the right side of the screen. Her daughter is drawn into the screen from a basic outline to slight shading in the shirt, face and hair. She places her left hand on her mother with a smile, the mother looks at her and some of the confusion and fear leaves her face. While still making eye contact the daughter uses both hands to gently take the teapot from her, drawing the mothers attention to her hands until the teapot has left them. She looks to her daughter and smiles for a second and then looks down and out with a hint of disappointment in her eyes, putting her hands together. Her daughter and at the same time places her hand back on her mother’s back and slightly bends down to be able to look at her mother (who is an inch or two smaller than her) at eye level.

0:23 – 0:27

The shot widens to reveal what the kitchen truly looks like, the table to the right of the screen nas the countertops strighton and wrapping around off screen right. Writing fades in above their heads “When something feels different, It could be Alzheimer’s.” As the words become darker they both stand tall and look at each other happily, the mother turns her body slightly to face her daughter as the entire screen slowly fades out.


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