1) Hypocrite Romney

It seems counterintuitive that the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney from 2012 was gaining wealth from corporate businesses attacking Bain Capital with a tax loophole. Created a domino effect of businesses losing their investment and employees through Bain Capital acquiring them for Romney.  The whole ideal for the economy is to not be around the large government sanctions restricting American jobs as his ideal dream became hypocrisy. 

Mitt Romney was cunning with using Bain Capital to buy out other businesses called leveraged buy-out or private equity, stealing their money through tax deals that contributed to the growing debt that the allied company will never  pay off by what it’s called “junk bonds.” Two companies that were duped into this trick by Bain Capital were steel manufacturers; devastated by the heavy debt gained, losing  their own workers and no help from Bain Capital who bought them. 

These actions led Mitt Romney getting much richer along the campaign trail, while Bain Capital went bankrupt throughout their actions of ruining other companies and putting down unions of their rights. Nevertheless, Romney was the mastermind behind this looting scheme while having his cronies stop all criticism of him being a “vulture capitalist.”

2) How to Armor Planes

It seems counterintuitive that warplanes tried to use armament to cover up the bullet holes that were made for those planes that return from the battlefield with minor bullet holes than major ones. Mathematician Abraham Wald knew the case of the heavily damaged planes had no chance of coming back. In a way; this reinforces how many pilots during WWII survived their dogfights and came back with better durable planes.

Counterintuitive reasoning helped the Israeli air force members to perform better flight maneuvers through punishment rather than rewarding their accomplishments with praise. Because the overwhelming praise that one receives hinders their psyche to fail next time. As It’s conditioned to get criticized for our mistakes that’ll improve one’s capabilities. Therefore, an opposite reaction to how one’s praise could heighten their potential

3) Cryptic Species

It seems counterintuitive that there are animal species that would have their appearance very similar to one another, but their genetic background being the exact opposite. Their appearance within their habitat may provide answers to the questions of the animal kingdom and evolution in general. Although with this revelation in mind, Markus Pfenninger believed the major populations of cryptic species may go extinct or become rare and be hunted down.

Researchers became more aware of the situation for these animals as they studied their genetic makeup in order for each species to be recorded through their taxon groups. One cryptic species related to the African elephant was categorized as the African bush elephant, one of the near-extinct animals still around and hunted for their tusks.

Regardless, animal populations grow genetically throughout the ages to have different traits than the original animal genetics had before.  Early 1900s, researchers found only three types of mosquito contain malaria out of their six species. Past research conducted on species in the animal kingdom is no longer valuable after the discovery of cryptic species.

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