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The eradication of the Poliovirus will unfortunately not be plausible in the near future. The fear surrounding vaccines is escalating, as current Americans are hesitant to vaccinate their children against Covid-19. The 2013 article by Leslie Roberts expresses the fear and distrust displayed by Nigerian citizens against the polio vaccine and its vaccination campaign. The growing fear led to acts of violence as 10 health workers and one client were murdered when two clinics were stormed. In addition, the already suspicious Nigerians were easily misled by rumors of the polio vaccine being contaminated with the AIDS virus or infertility drugs, which caused the number of cases to increase to 1122 by 2006. This noncompliance has resulted in more outbreaks in previously polio-free countries, which reassures the unremitting cycle of polio reinfection.

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3 Responses to Practice Opening-zzbrd2822

  1. davidbdale says:

    Your paragraph barrels forward without any deviation, ZZ. It’s impressive. It marshals examples without fear. I like the energy. Could it be better? Every first draft (every “final” draft) can be better.

    1. You use the fear of vaccines among Americans as evidence of the ineradicablility of polio, but polio does not begin to threaten America. Our vaccine hesitancy is an echo of what’s happening in the rest of the world, but not good evidence. Leading with the US as your first example creates doubt in readers that you understand the dilemma.
    2. The 2013 Nigerian example is more pertinent, but you don’t identify the source of the fear, so we don’t know whether it’s a local or a global phenomenon. Does it matter in the big picture? We don’t know, and you don’t tell us. So we’re waiting for better evidence.
    3. When you do identify the source of the fear, you call it “in addition,” but that’s not fair. You’re using the same example twice.
    4. You don’t tell us how big an increase 1122 cases represents. Were there 1102 cases in 2005?
    5. How does noncompliance in Nigeria “result” in outbreaks elsewhere? Do Pakistanis resist the vaccine because they’ve heard that Nigerians do?

    Again, I’m impressed by your skill and your bold claims. But that doesn’t mean I’m convinced by your evidence. Whether you elect to revise this post or not, ZZ, I expect you to respond to indicate your respect for the feedback process. Thanks!


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