Stone Money—ndb1996

Stone Money Assignment

            It seems that as a society we always wish for more money. More money through the lottery, more money through casinos, more money, more money, more money. Theoretically however, if I were to win a 10 million dollar jackpot that money would be deposited into a bank account. I would have access to the money I won but it would sit on my phone screen or my computer screen. I would not be holding it in my wallet. I would trust my bank to hold for me as I watch it through a technology device. I was intrigued with the story about the island “Yap” and how they indicated the wealthy through stones kept on the front lawn. Intrigued because today we are either living large with our so called “money” or in debt and digging ourselves a hole. It’s hard to indicate a person’s wealth through money that isn’t even visible.

How can we as a society trust the nice bank teller we hand deliver our paycheck too every week and trust her to deposit it into our account? We can’t. Money has become such a ghostly figure that most of us are unsure where are money actually is held. Prior to online banking and mobile banking and technology money was kept “under the mattress”. The way money is held and transferred today could be argued good or bad, but it definitely has taken a turn. A turn, where as people who deposits money, may not be too trustworthy of.

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