As a fan of the sport of football and a “not so big” fan of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the fans of the sport seem to solely put the blame on the league and Goodell for the concussion issues. However it is not completely Goodell’s and league administrations fault. Though it seems the NFL has not taken much action to the concussion dilemma, they have issued rules to every team to follow a specific protocol when they see a player that has symptoms of a possible concussion. But just because there are protocols and rules set in place for a team doesn’t necessarily mean they will follow them. If they see their number one player or their quarterback go down, they may not always follow the exact procedures to rule him eligible to continue or be forced to sit out. They may even curve the protocol so that their player is able to finish the remainder of the game and even the season.

According to Adam Kilgore’s article posted in the Washington Post there have been instances as recent as this current season that have had situations where players have been left in the game despite showing clear concussion symptoms. We are so quick to judge the league and the front office of how they handle the concussion situation. But if there is no help from the leagues and the coaches of these teams then there will be no consistent protocol of concussions in place. It takes a collaborative effort to make the game a safer and more enjoyable environment.

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