White Paper—ndb1996

White Paper Assignment

Working Hypothesis 1

The game of football is a sport many may consider “Americas Game”, It has single handedly taken ownership of a day of the week and it continues to provide entertainment for everyone viewing. However, there are side effects of the sport we love and adore. Side effects that give players past and present a shortened life span and brain injuries. Concussions. Concussions have become part of the game in all the negative ways. It seems the more that concussions are happening the more people that don’t realize how dangerous they really are. Concussions are not categorized like they used to be. They are dangerous and extremely life threatening and the football world from players to fans need to be aware.

Working Hypothesis 2

Whenever we hit our head hard on the table or fall over and develop a headache, we tend to normally shake it off. If the headache goes away then it’s not a big deal, right? Wrong. Concussions are not a joke and they are gradually becoming a frequently talked about topic especially in the NFL. The National Football League for so many years has tried to contain the amount of concussions suffered. It is inevitable for players to suffer the hard injury but it seems the NFL decided to take a back seat when it came to former players and their brain damage. With evolving technology and new research almost daily, concussions are becoming more and more serious and the players, past and present, are taking their anger out on the league and its commissioner. It seems the league may not be educating the people enough about and that they could be hiding behind from the media and the fans. As a fan, concussions were never this serious. However, after the research conducted on my part, it is unfortunate how uneducated our society really is on this topic.

Topics for Smaller Papers

Are coaches of the NFL not taking concussions serious enough leading to the increased number of injuries to the brain?

Is the league not taking enough action in educating the fans, players, coaches, and league personnel of the sport enough?

Has gambling made the situation disappear?

Current State of Research

My research methods have been successful. Many writers have taken the side in which I am arguing on how the league is not taking enough action and how everyone is not educated enough on the long lasting ramifications concussions have. There are many articles and players’ personal experiences that prove concussions are no joke and many authors have produced articles in top notch publishing sources such as Huffington Post, New York Times, and Washington Post to name a few.

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