White Paper – xChuki

Peaceful Protests and Police Violence of Ukrainian Revolution

Organized content descriptions

  1. President, corruption and hatred
  2. Breaking the promises and brutal beating the students
  3. Masses’ reaction

Topics for smaller papers

1.Automaidan – protesters “on wheels”

2. Russia’s involvement in Ukrainian problems.

Practice opening 1

Ukraine is a country with a rich history and hard times. It’s located right between the Russia and the Europe, East and West, so it’s been always a battleground between 2 sides. Therefore, it’s important for either one to have improved relationship with a leader of the country, in order to have a better control over the political situations. Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich tended to improve relationship with Russian government, even though most of Ukrainians were looking forward to improving relationships with the European Union. Students  reacted with peaceful protests that were followed police violence against unarmed people and masses gathering for the justice and freedom of choice and speech.

Practice opening 2

Violence has always been one of the most popular ways for governments to end the conflict. Even though, some protests may require using force, it is inadmissible to allow beating up peaceful unarmed people for expressing their beliefs. Ukrainian president’s failure in signing important documents with the EU and brutal “cleaning up” peaceful protests caused into crowd’s union against pro-Russian leader, dictatorship and corruption.

Working Hypothesis 1

Soulless violence against the harmless people that support oppositional ideas is unacceptable in the modern society.

Working Hypothesis 2

People gather together, help each other and stand till the end to follow the idea despite the age, sex, religion and nationality.

Current State of the Research Paper

I feel like I have a lot to write about this topic. I’ve read a lot of articles, watched many videos, heard hundreds of stories and experienced the pressure of the situation myself. I have a lot of information that I’m not sure yet how to organize and what to leave untouched.

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