White Paper-wildcuttlefish

Effective Communication is needed to be successful

Organized Content descriptions

  1. Communication affects our work
  2. Communication affects how we are treated
  3. Communications is related to class

Topics for Smaller Papers

  1. Culture affects communication of children
  2. Advantages rich people have over the poor
  3. Healthcare affected by communication

Practice Opening

1. Individually, people may define the American dream differently but the main point is people can move up social classes or change their living standard through sweat and hard work. However, that success is often dependent on what family we are born into. One advantage that prove to be vital in life is the ability to communicate effectively, not to just express ourselves but to corporate with other people well. Whether someone has effective communication skills for success or is affected by his/her culture, parents, and amount of wealth he/she have.

2. Rarely do children exceed the social status of their parents by much. When they do, the common denominator is an enhanced ability to communicate, making it an essential key for success. People often underestimate the power of communication and what it can do for them. For instance, our words can lead to great movements, persuade people, and it can have people support and help us. However, those words can have so much power if people can communicate effectively, which is not the case for everyone. As crucial as communication skills are, our parents, the amount of wealth we have, and the culture we live in may affect the way we speak.

1. Working Hypothesis 1

Ways of communication are better than others depending on situation and people who are able to communicate appropriately to the situation tend to be more successful.

1a. Working Hypothesis 2

 Communication differ in different countries and some are more effective than others.

3. Current State of the Research Paper

I am not confident in this research paper because I feel like the information I have gathered is so repetitive. As a result I am losing interest and I don’t think I can make the topic interesting for the readers either. I am having trouble expanding.

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