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I could use some help getting started!

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  1. davidbdale says:

    RowanLuver, I’ve read your Definition argument, and I have to tell you it’s a pretty persuasive 1000-word Causal Argument.

    I imagine the reason you’re stumped about this new assignment is that you’ve already written a first draft of it and are wondering what you can do to emphasize the CAUSES of serial murder that you haven’t done there.

    Next question: what would make a good Definition Argument?

    If we can answer that one, I’d suggest you copy and paste the contents of your Definition draft into this post. I’ll start another Reply to help with your Definition argument.


  2. davidbdale says:

    While you wave a big wand over vast territory in your Definition post, RowanLuver, you could be describing millions of people who suffered, inflicted, witnessed, or fantasized about violence in their youth. You make many causal claims in your argument that find almost any sort of violence, abuse, or neglect, or even unstable homes to be responsible at least in part for the adult actions of your serial killers. But obviously, if these underlying conditions were truly causal, millions of us would be murdering repeatedly, while clearly most of us do not. A good plan for a Definition/Categorical argument would be to categorize the Types of Serial Killers if such types exist. They might all have some sort of trauma in their backgrounds (the underlying cause or condition), but respond to very different triggers that prompt they individual killings. Some categories that come to mind are Revenge killers, Grudge killers, Association killers, Opportunity killers, Notoriety killers. I’ve just conducted the simplest possible google search and discovered somebody has characterized serial killers as Hedonistic, Visionary, Medical, and Power/Control. Another offers Thrill-seeker. There may even be relationships between certain killer types and the sort of abuse they suffered or witnessed as kids. I hope that helps. Please let me know.


    • rowanluver29 says:

      That did help very much thank you. Should I use my definition argument as my causal argument and then instead of writing a causal argument for next week, rewrite my definition argument?


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