Stone Money – Clevland Brown

Money overall means nothing, but in society it means everything. I say this because money has been different things overtime. Back in older times money as we know it did not exist, so you might wonder how we functioned as a society. Easy, we traded goods to someone else in exchange for what they had. For example, if I made rugs and need a vacuum cleaner from someone who made vacuums and he needed a rug we would trade our goods.

Money gives people order, and now more than ever there are more ways for you to get rich. You can invest your money into businesses, make NFTs, or have a big social media presence. Ten years ago, if you told someone you can make money from digital pictures and people will buy them from you people will think you’re crazy. For example, Bitcoin before it was worth nothing and as of recent its worth millions of dollars. And it’s kind of crazy that money you can’t even hold physically can make you a rich person, if you made the right decision at the right time. If you really think about it Money is just paper with a stamp by the government so you can’t make your own money. Money creates a social class among the people, there is poor, Middle class, Upper middle class, and rich. This is how the government puts you into a tax bracket for when it comes to giving back the government money if they deem you made too much money that year. Money is anything that has universal value and means nothing if you don’t put value into it. In conclusion money is anything society believes is important and holds a trading value in society.

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