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  1. https://theworld.org/stories/2015-02-04/vancouver-combats-heroin-giving-its-addicts-best-smack-world

It seems counterintuitive that the government of Vancouver is helping addicts with their addiction by giving them some of the best heroin on the planet with nurses and police nearby, however they believe it is helping their drug problem greatly. Vancouver has always been a large port city, which means it is a hot bed for drug imports. According to Allen Schauffler, Pacific Northwest Correspondent for Al Jazeera, only 26 people in Vancouver are receiving this treatment. Schauffler argues that giving those addicts heroin on a daily basis with help nearby negates all of the horrible side effects that come with the addiction, and overall improves the likelihood of death.

However, many of the people in the program actually have seen great improvement in their every day habits. One man by the name of Kevin Thompson says that he is able to get and keep a job with the program. He argues it is a type of blackmail, to tell these people they are heroin addicts, but also saying that there is no getting clean so heroin will be provided.

2. http://bioethicsbulletin.org/archive/what-are-the-ethics-of-a-three-parent-baby

It seems counterintuitive that a third parent would be able to provide DNA for a child, however the UK will become the first country to provide DNA from three people. The idea was created to reduce the amount of genetic mutations found in babies. The mitochondrial DNA is given to the baby by the mother, but if the mother is not healthy, then a healthy women can come in and donate an egg. According to Dr. Moon, only one tenth of a percent of the third parent’s DNA is given to the child, so what is the big deal?

The deal is that these DNA strands will be passed down through generations of strictly females. Since the mitochondrial DNA is in the mother, it has no effect on male children. The DNA in particular has a very specific function, which is it codes for how cells create energy. Mutations in this cause seizures, muscle weakness, and more.

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofissTmcsDU

It seems counterintuitive that a Pizza Hut and KFC are set for business directly next to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx. A form of Americanization is taking place because the Great Pyramids are one of the most traveled attractions in the World. Built in Ancient time, many people have great theories on how they were built. However, most people also believe that the pyramids and Sphinx are sitting by themselves, however they are directly next to the city. The pan of the camera in this video from the Pizza Hut and KFC to the pyramids created a depressing feeling for those watching.

Something similar occurred in China, where a Starbucks was placed inside a major attraction, but the people came together and forced them to get rid of it. Installing a huge fast food organization near one of the biggest attractions in the world only takes away from the significance of them, and museums give a much different impression on how the pyramids are set up.

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