It seems counterintuitive that Toms “buy one-give one” program, which provides a pair of shoes to someone in a progressing world when a pair is bought, does not actually work. But it seems that it can only really work in certain scenarios and areas. Only the people that are in the country really know what is needed, and shoes might not be the answer to other countries problems. In reality shoes are a specific thing to be donating to other countries. Most other countries likely need donations in food and water, rather than shoes. But buy one-give one programs can work, if a company works with the actual communities they can get help with identifying where their issues lie, and what they need to provide to solve the issue. Toms shoes has not taken this approach.

It seems counterintuitive to give heroin addicts heroin, in a way to help them. In Vancouver there as a program where heroin addicts can do heroin under the management of nurses and without the stress of having to worry about the police. The program gives the addicts methadone and suboxone, which are alternatives to actual heroin. The idea of this program is that giving these people heroin everyday, but making sure they are comfortable and passive, will keep them alive instead of overdosing. But this program actually does more harm then good. If you keep giving these people doses of heroin, it won’t matter if they under supervision because they will never be able to become clean, they will always be addicted. You can’t fight an addiction by giving them what they are addicted to.

It seems counterintuitive to armor planes on the areas where they will not be shot. When a plane returns to base with a bunch of bullet holes in a certain area, it seems logical to put armor on those areas, because they keep getting shot there and you want to protect the plane. But if the plane is able to return again and again it must not be that dangerous, or at least must not be as dangerous as getting shot in other areas. But the reason you don’t see bullet holes in the other places is because the plane does not return when it gets shot there. So when the plane returns, don’t put armor over the places with all the bullet holes, instead armor the places that don’t have any bullet holes.

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