For the ptsd assignment, I was assigned to identify the claims made in section 1. “Brannan Vines has never been to war”. – This is a Factual claim, because the subject of the sentence, Brennan has never been to war. This is something that you can either do or not. There’s no argument able to be made to rebuff the claim being made. 

“But she’s got a warrior’s skills:”- This is an analogy claim, an analogy claim is when you compare how two things are similar. In this case, comparing Brannan’s skills to being a warrior. 

“crazy-person behavior”- This excerpt can be classified as an evaluative claim because it’s assigning characteristics to the behavior that’s being displayed. AN evaluative claim is defined as a judgment on a set of circumstances. Here the author is judging the person’s behavior and deciding it’s crazy. This can also be identified as an illustrative claim because her being crazy is just a psychological response to being overstimulated. 

“Being too cognizant of every sound”-This can be identified as an evaluative,  and comparative. Comparative because by saying she is too cognizant it suggests that she  can be less cognizant. Evaluative because the author is placing judgment also in the word too. 

“Her nose starts running she’s so pissed,” This quote is a causal claim making the claim that her nose is running because she’s pissed off. There are plenty of reasons that her nose may be running but the cause the author identifies is Brennan’s emotions.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Good to find so many claims in so few words.


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